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Smithsonian Festival to Spotlight Hungarian Heritage Washington, DC – June 26 – July 5, 2013

The Hungarian American Coalition is launching a fundraising campaign, in coordination with the Hungarian Embassy and other Hungarian American organizations, to support the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, to be held on the Washington mall from June 26 through July 5, 2013.  This year’s festival theme  is “Hungarian Heritage – Roots to Revival”.

This Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promote Hungary’s extraordinary cultural heritage of which we as Hungarian Americans are so justly proud.  Daily attendance is expected to be 50,000-150,000 – a great opportunity for the American public, as well as Hungarian-Americans, to connect with Hungary.

The Hungarian government has allocated almost $1 million to implement this program.  Dr. Ágnes Fülemile, Director of the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York City and the Balassi Institute, together with the Hungarian Embassy, are committed to maximizing the potential of this event and creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.  One hundred musical and dance performers and traditional craftsmen from Hungary will showcase Hungarian folk culture, heritage and history.  Dozens of programs will be presented every day, with concerts and folk dancing every evening.

With your support, we can broaden the scope of the program, increase the number of invited performers, and build iconic Hungarian architectural artifacts on the Mall:  these would stay in the United States after the festival and could be rebuilt at other locations for the Hungarian-American community.  With your help, we could make a difference between merely having a good program and making the Hungarian Heritage event an outstanding success.

Your donation will help sponsor the participation of Hungarian folk-dancers and musicians, and craftsmen, and underwrite the costs of the traditional structures to be raised on the National Mall.  A list of sponsorship targets is listed below.

Your tax deductible contributions can be sent to the   Hungarian American Coalition, 1120 Connecticut  Ave. NW  #280, Washington, DC 20036 , or you can make a donation on our website,   Receipts will be provided for all donations.

With your contribution to our fundraising campaign, you will help make the “Hungarian Heritage – Roots to Revival” an unforgettable showcase of Hungarian culture in Washington, DC.

Sponsorship targets as identified by the Hungarian Cultural Center are the following:

Flight ticket for festival participants (up-to 10 persons) $1,000 per person

$10 000

Personal expenses of festival participants: accommodation, meals, honorarium

$120 per day for 15 days, $1, 800 per person, (up-to 10 persons)

$18 000

Accommodation in a dormitory for the participants of the

North-American Dance-House Meeting. (George Washington University)

$50 per day. We would need to reserve at least 200 nights (50 persons for 4 nights)

$10 000

Construction costs of the Dance-barn.  This the central wooden pavilion,

where the dance teaching and evening dance programs would take place.

 A circular and open structure like a carousel: this allows people to step in and

join the dance from any direction.  Architectural design by József Siklósi


This building could stay in the possession of the sponsor and could be rebuilt at

another location after the festival.

60″ Sharp PN-L602B Touch screen LCD monitor, computer and whiteboard.

Large outdoor interactive screen used to deliver audiovisual programming

about Hungary (2 pieces, at $7,000 each)


This equipment could stay in the possession of the sponsor.

Outdoor dynamic automatic and interactive bell-system with 24 copper bells

manufactured by Szabados és Tsa Kft., to be built at the peacock tower site

(the main architectural symbol of the fesitval).

The bells would play the festival signal  every hour.


This could stay in the possession of the sponsor.

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