HYPE (Hungarian Young Professional Engagement) Network

A Program of the Hungarian American Coalition

The HYPE (Hungarian Young Professional Engagement) Network, including its Future Leaders Program, represents a strategic expansion of the Coalition’s commitment to fostering leadership among Hungarian professionals living in the US. While existing initiatives such as the John N. Lauer Leadership Training Program provide young Hungarians with the opportunity to gain professional experience in the U.S. over four months, the HYPE Network aims to deepen this engagement by offering a structured six-month program focused on sustained leadership development and professional integration within the Hungarian community across the U.S. Additionally, whereas the Dr. Kiss Elemer and Eva Scholarship Fund and the Bognar Scholarship sup academic endeavors in the U.S. and the Carpathian Basin with financial assistance, the HYPE Network enhances this framework by providing continuous professional development, networking opportunities, and active participation in community leadership, complementing the existing scholarships and training programs with a dynamic platform for ongoing professional growth and community impact.

Join the HYPE Network through our HYPE Leadership Program!

Spanning six months, the HYPE Leadership Program offers an exceptional opportunity, to virtually integrate into the Hungarian Young Professional Engagement Network (HYPE Network). As a dedicated platform, the HYPE Network enables its members to connect, collaborate, and engage with peers, industry leaders, and potential mentors. These interactions are pivotal for both professional growth and personal development.

Active participation in the HYPE Network can open doors to leadership opportunities within our community and can provide benefits, such as discount HAC membership, invitation to Coalition events. Members may find themselves leading committees, organizing key events, or sharing insights at conferences—each role offering valuable experience and increased visibility. Through HYPE network participants have a direct opportunity to dive deeper into Hungarian American Community related initiatives. At HYPE, we are committed to supporting our members throughout their professional journeys. We provide a support system to offer guidance, encouragement, and practical advice during challenging times, ensuring that every member can achieve their fullest potential.

Become a part of HYPE today and start shaping your future while contributing to a vibrant professional community.

Launching the HYPE Network at the Hungarian Summit on May 23, 2024 in Daytona Beach, FL. From left: Luca Mórocz, HAC Fellow ,GabeMózsi, President of the Hungarian Club of Chicago, Reka Lenox, HAC Fellow.
Launching the HYPE Network at the Hungarian Summit on May 23, 2024 in Daytona Beach, FL. From left: Luca Mórocz, HAC Fellow, Gabe Mozsi, President of the Hungarian Club of Chicago, Reka Lenox, HAC Fellow.


The program aims to empower young Hungarian Professionals in the U.S. by enhancing their leadership skills and expanding their professional networks. Through mentorship, networking opportunities, and community leadership roles, the program nurtures participants’ career growth and personal development.

Target audience

HYPE Future Leaders Program is designed for ambitious young Hungarian professionals living in the U.S. and Hungarian Americans who would like to expand their leadership capabilities. Participants are typically those looking for mentorship, networking opportunities, and the chance to take on community leadership roles, all while receiving support and guidance to effectively manage and overcome professional challenges.


Focuses on universal leadership skills applicable across all sectors, enhanced by sessions led by industry leaders brought in by participants.


Interactive online discussions and live guest speaker sessions online promoting real-world insights and dynamic learning.

Duration & Schedule

A six-month program requiring monthly participation, with first-year students responsible for introducing one speaker from their network. Alumni who completed the program are invited to join future sessions, enriching ongoing learning and network growth. For completion of the program, participants must attend the monthly 1-1.5 hours long online discussion.


Equip participants with essential leadership competencies. Expansion of participants’ professional networks by connecting them with peers and industry leaders through interactive sessions. Encourage ongoing learning and professional growth by involving alumni in future sessions, thereby keeping the community active.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn to effectively drive innovation, and make strategic decisions, preparing them for advanced roles in their respective fields. Through interactive discussions and networking, participants will enhance their ability to communicate across diverse groups.

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants should be on track for higher education or have completed their studies.
  • Ages between 18-40.
  • A strong enthusiasm for the Hungarian community in the US and leadership development is essential.
  • Applicants must submit a current CV highlighting their educational background, any relevant work experience, and their involvement in community or leadership roles.
  • No Hungarian language requirement.
Application details for 2025 are coming soon. Reach out to us at hac@hacusa.org if you have any questions.

Behind the HYPE: Meet the Co-founders

Ádám Béres

Medical Student, Ohio State University

Nicole Vereczkey

MBA Student, MIT Sloan School

Botond Nás

Technology Consultant

Dániel Barabási

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard

Barnabás Novák

Computer Science Student, California State University

Dóra Szegedy

Research Analyst

Elek Krizsán

International Affairs Student, GWU

Ákos Szécsi

Sales and Trade Intern

Nicholas Rice

Natural Resources Student, UGA

Gabe Mózsi

Operations Manager, President of the Hungarian Club of Chicago

János Szani

Congressional Staff

Klára Schmidt

Integrations Software Engineer

Sam Heimowitz

Tutor and Academic Coach, Yale

Évi Lukonits

Social Media Manager

Attila Nás

Chief Technology Officer

Salah Czapáry

Director, Nightlife and Culture bz Mayor Bowser, DC

Tibor Teleki

Economics and Public Policy Student

Réka Veres Lenox

Program Coordinator

Boglárka Ecsedi

Computer Science Student, Georgia Institute of Technology

Faye Gillespie

Google cloud Alliance Manager

Luca Mórocz

Fellow, AU Student