The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund


The scholarship fund, originally named the Hungarian Scholarship Fund (HSF), was established in 1999 by Dr. Béla and April Bognár.

In the spring of 2014, Dr. Béla and April Bognár requested the Hungarian American Coalition to become the administrator of their Hungarian Scholarship Fund as part of the Coalition’s comprehensive training and educational portfolio.  The Coalition has taken over administrative duties for this program, including fundraising, recipient selection and evaluation. With the Bognárs’ agreement, HSF has been renamed The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund.

The program

The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to qualified Hungarian university students studying in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, and the United States.  The scholarship awardees will receive a stipend per semester to cover their tuition fee or other expenses related to their studies. The exact amount of the stipend will be determined by the Fund’s Scholarship Committee.

Application process

Applicants should submit the following documentation:

  • An application letter giving information on the applicant’s family circumstances and a statement of financial need,
  • Information on sources of income and required expenditures to cover tuition, travel, books, housing, etc.; please fill in a statement of financial record that can be downloaded here
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae including a recent picture,
  • Information on the applicant’s participation in Hungarian community service, cultural, religious, civic or sports related activities,
  • Two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher and one from a religious or community leader,
  • High school and college scholastic records and information on academic standing;

Applications which do not meet the Scholarship Fund’s requirements will not be acknowledged.

Scholarships are awarded by the Fund’s Scholarship Committee. Successful applicants will be notified and further information given on the transfer of funds.

All scholarship awardees are expected to write thank you letters to donors. They are also expected to file regular reports on their educational progress, as they are eligible to apply for a scholarship for the following year. However, their application will be considered along with those of new applicants.

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, but deadline for application for the 2024/25 academic year is July 1, 2024.

Submission of Applications

The Coalition has created an online database which enables applicants to submit their applications online.

Applicants have to create a user profile and upload the requested documents which are the cover letter, curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, proof of admission, financial statement and academic records.

Applications should be submitted by registering at:

If you need clarification on the registration system, contact us at:

For further information, please contact János Szekeres at +1-202-296-9505 in the US
or Noémi Bánhidi at +36-1-920-2490 in Hungary.

Success stories

Zsófia Dorgay

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2020/2021 academic year – Student at the National University of Public Service, Public Service Media, Journalist and Editor

Zsófia Dorgay grew up in a small village in SubCarpathia, where she was involved with local Hungarian youth organizations. She studied international relations and began volunteering for Bocskai Rádió, the Hungarian American community media program, in May 2020 helping with news reports and interviews. This September she was accepted to the National University of Public Service – Public Service Media, Journalist and Editor – in the 1-year-program. Her dream is to become a professional reporter.

“It is a big sacrifice for my family to help me in my university studies, so this scholarship means a lot to us both morally and financially. Thanks to this opportunity, I am one step closer to my long-standing goal of becoming a professional reporter. With the help of the scholarship, I could finance my books, the cost of my living expenses, travel and also contribute to tuition. I am immensely grateful for your generosity.”

Edit Dukai

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 academic years – PhD student in Geopolitics at the University of Pécs (Pécs, Hungary)

“In my doctoral studies, I explored a new field of research: the so-called “network effect”, a phenomenon that can promote the preservation of national identity among the Hungarian diaspora. Hungarians living in different countries of the world often maintain close relationships with each other, which helps them to strengthen their national identity. Currently I am in the process of collecting the theoretical background and literature for my work, so I used the scholarship grant to purchase publications on the subject and finance my field trips to record personal interviews.”

Dóra Sarolta Bálint

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021 academic years – medical student at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș (Târgu Mureș, Romania)

“This year, I studied general surgery, pediatric surgery, orthopedics, urology, radiology and plastic surgery. I also prepared a scientific paper in the topic of surgery that I presented at the National Scientific Student Conference in April. Thanks to your support, in addition to buying all the necessary textbooks and university notes, I was also able to expand my personal library with books that are indispensable for my further professional development, that I could not otherwise afford. I sincerely hope that when I become a doctor, I will be able to prove that you have not only helped with my professional advancement, but also provided me a valuable example of selfless help.”

Dániel Csíkos

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2018/2019, 2019/2020 academic years –undergraduate student in Hungarian language and literature at the University of Novi Sad (Novi Sad, Serbia)

“I come from a small village in the Vojvodina region of Serbia, where the majority of the population is Hungarian. I have been an active member of the local Petőfi Sándor Cultural Association for 13 years and am still involved in the Association’s activities even though I live in Novi Sad now. In addition to teaching Hungarian folk dance and music, we emphasize mentoring and support for younger generations. I feel very fortunate to receive this scholarship and it inspires me to help others in my own community.”

Dávid Bárdos

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018 academic years –student of medicine at Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary)

 “I have three siblings and my parents who live in Berehove, Ukraine, but my family cannot provide me financial support. Even though I receive a state-provided scholarship and do not have to pay tuition, the food, the accommodation, the transportation and my mobile phone subscription is still expensive. With your support I had no difficulties to pay all of my bills and did not have to work in the afternoons and weekends, but could only focus on my studies. (…) I am satisfied with my past semester’s academic achievements. I have three more exams left, but I got an A on all but one of my past exams. I also worked as a student researcher during the last semester at the 1st Department of Surgery. With the scientific results I took part at the university’s annual scientific conference in February, 2016. I also worked in my free time as a volunteer at the Home of Children Refugees.”

István Pataki

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019 academic year –student at National University of Uzzhorod (Uzzhorod, Ukraine)

“I am particularly grateful for receiving this scholarship, because this way I could reduce the burden on my family. Unfortunately, as a result of constant austerity in Ukraine, state scholarships are suspended, so this is the only financial help I can hope for. Thanks to your generosity, I was able to cover my travel and accommodation expenses and I also managed to buy some school supplies. The scholarship also helped me in my professional advancement, because this year I finished two new research papers that soon will be published in university journals here in Transcarpathia and also in Hungary.”

Norbert Nyegre

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2017/2018 academic year –student at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania (Cluj Napoca, Romania)

“I was able to spend the entire grant to further my professional development. Thanks to your support, I have been able to purchase professional textbooks, and pay for my tuition and accommodation. I also spent a small amount to buy some plants for my research, so that I can track their development and breed them afterwards. My future goal is to pass on my knowledge and skills to the next generation in the form of an educational farm in the countryside. The farm will teach the younger generation to appreciate and understand how food is produced through hands-on experience.”

Orsolya Süli

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018 academic years –student of medicine at Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary)

“I plan on being a Cardiologist because the vascular system and the heart always amazed me. Cardiovascular diseases are the first leading cause of death in developed countries so as a Cardiologist I could help a lot of people. I have been doing research at the Hungarian Institute of Cardiology for two years, where I work with adults who were born with congenital heart diseases and this experience just deepened my interest on this field even more. (…) With the help of the scholarship I can finance my books and everything necessary for my studies. It also gives me the opportunity to go to Tbilisi, Georgia this spring where I will attend the European Medical Students’ Association’s conference and with this Hungary will also be presented. Without your help I could hardly do this and it would be much harder for my family, too.”

Gellért Kovács

Recipient of the Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship in the 2014/2015, 2015/2016 academic years – Student at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș (Târgu Mureș, Romania)

“My area of interest in medicine is orthopedics- traumatology. I am extremely shocked by all those cruelties that happen throughout the world, especially in countries of Africa and the Middle East devastated by civil wars. I would be glad to work one day as a volunteer of the UN to help people who are suffering in these areas. I think that by being a trauma surgeon I can do the most for these people, at least from a medical perspective. I would like to do the same work also in those parts of the world that are affected by natural disasters. And finally, when I decide with my fiancée to settle down and have a family, we would like to bring home all the experience that we gained during the years spent abroad.”

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