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Outstanding Students at Marosvásárhely’s Bolyai High School Receive Hungarian American Coalition Awards for the 6th Year

Washington, DC – On June 7, 2024, the “Hungarian American Coalition Award” was presented to three students at the graduation ceremony of the Bolyai Farkas High School in Marosvásárhely (Tirgu Mures, Romania). Totaling $2,000, the awards were presented to seniors Tamás Attila Marton, Tamás Szász and 11th grader Csongor Barta-Zágoni who were recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and community service. Students must apply for the award, and applications are evaluated by a faculty committee according to a rules-based point system.

Márta Máthé presents the Coalition Award to Tamás Attila Marton, winner of the first prize in academic achievement at the graduation ceremony of Bolyai High School in Marosvásárhely.

The first prize for academic achievement, in the amount of $1,000, was awarded to Tamás Attila Marton who received the second prize as an 11th grader last year. His main interests vary from mathematics and physics, to literature and philosophy, and has competed in various academic tournaments, mainly in mathematics and physics with great success.

He said: “Outside the school curriculum I try to broaden my base of knowledge and experience. I am mainly interested in computer science and mathematics, but I also like natural sciences, and I often spend hours researching if I am interested in something. I don’t like to limit my knowledge to a specific subject or topic; I look for connections between everything. In addition to the exact sciences, I am also interested in philosophy and literature. In my free time, I usually play computer games or sports with friends. I enjoy cycling in nature, folk dancing and community work. I plan to continue my studies at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, majoring in mathematics. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in the field of mathematics, either in research or education.”

The second prize for $500 went to 11th grader Csongor Barta-Zágony whose family is driven by a passionate interest and love for mathematics. For years, he has tirelessly honed his mind by engaging with mathematics and solving problems. He has reached a level where he creates tasks used in the prestigious International Hungarian Mathematics Competition. His achievements place him among the top Hungarian and Romanian students, bringing recognition to Bolyai High School. He is also very interested in Hungarian language and literature.

Márta Máthé presents the Coalition Award to Tamás Szász in recognition of his outstanding community service at the graduation ceremony of Bolyai High School in Marosvásárhely.

Senior Tamás Szász was awarded $500 in recognition of his outstanding community service. Bolyai High School has had a well-functioning, active student association, the Bolyai Student Association (BDSz), for nearly three decades. Tamás participated in its leadership for four years. He served as a board member, vice president, president, and finally honorary president (a position usually given to the outgoing president in their final school year). The BDSz organizes numerous events that appeal to students: various thematic discussions, lectures with distinguished guests, career orientation talks that help students form an understanding of different professions and Transylvanian universities, and sports events like winter and summer “Olympics” for students, with e-sports during the COVID period. A standout event was the spring ball, which attracted hundreds of participants. He worked well with the student leadership team and the teachers who partnered in organizing these events. 

He said: “In the past four years, I have been actively involved in community service at the school. I progressed through various roles in the Bolyai Student Association, from working group member to leadership, and eventually president. Despite the significant responsibilities,I have enjoyed tackling these challenges with enthusiasm. My aim has always been to contribute as much as possible to the student body and to organize successful events. These events are the moments when students truly come together as a community, forming lasting friendships and bonds. Next, I plan to attend university in Cluj-Napoca, majoring in Economic Informatics. Nonetheless, I intend to remain engaged in student life and continue my involvement with the Bolyai High School. Whenever possible, I will gladly return to the school to support and guide our successors”.

The entire ceremony can be viewed here. Our award section starts at 1:37:12 and ends at 1:39:30. Csongor Barta-Zágony (an 11th grader) will receive his award at the school year closing ceremony later this month.

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