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Hungarian American Coaliton Gives Grant to the Madach-Posonium Publishing House to Support Hungarian Minority Culture in Slovakia

Washington, D.C. – The Hungarian American Coalition received an $18,000 donation to fund the Coalition’s efforts to support minority organizations devoted to promoting Hungarian culture in Slovakia. Half of the donation will be used to assist the operations of the Madach-Posonium Publisher in Bratislava (Pozsony), while the other half will underwrite the expenses of the Annual Posonium Literary and Fine Arts Awards, scheduled to be held in June, 2006. The Posonium Award was founded by Edith and John Lauer of Cleveland, Ohio, five years ago, for the purpose of recognizing Hungarian writers and artists for outstanding contributions to the literature, art, and cultural heritage of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. The Fine Arts Awards are sponsored by György Mátyásfalvi, a Budapest philanthropist and businessman.

The Madach-Posonium publishes the weekly newspaper Szabad Újság, which reports on political and economic topics and cultural events for the 520,000-strong historic Hungarian community in Slovakia. Last year, the weekly periodical published 52 editions, with an average circulation of 18,000 copies per issue. In addition, the Madach-Posonium Publisher’s efforts encompass a wide range of areas from children’s books and magazines to literary works of Hungarian writers in Slovakia. In addition to the weekly Szabad Újság mentioned above, Madach publishes, “Tücsök”, a magazine for children, “Jó Gazda” a journal for farmers, and a literary monthly called “Irodalmi Szemle.” Madach also operates Hungarian language book stores in nine communities in Slovakia.

The publishing house is led by László Dobos, a renowned writer, publicist, and community leader, winner of the Kossuth Prize, the highest Hungarian cultural award, and also of the Pribina Cross, a prestigious Slovak state award recognizing his historic role as Minister of Minorities in the late 60s.

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