Noticed in the Press – March 2, 2014

An op-ed by columnist Anne Applebaum in the February 28 edition of The Washington Post: "Russia puts on the squeeze"


A book review by historian and author Robert O. Paxton in the March 6 issue of The New York Review of Books: "Jews: How Vichy Made It Worse". The book is “Persécutions et entraides dans la France occupée: comment 75% des Juifs en France ont échappé à la mort”. [Persecutions and Mutual Help in Occupied France: How 75 Percent of the Jews of France Escaped Death]  by Jacques Semelin, Paris: Seuil-Les Arènes, 901 pp., r29.00 (paper). There is a reference to the Hungarian Holocaust.


An opinion piece by David J. Kramer in the March 2 edition of The Washington Post: "U.S. foreign policy comes home to roost"  'All too often president Obama and his team have looked the other way as Russia took action'. The writer makes reference to the Budapest Memorandum of 1994.



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