Noticed in the Press – April 3, 2012

A book review in the March 31-April 1 edition of The Wall Street Journal by Jennifer Siegel with the title:"Food Strategies, food tactics" The book is: "The Taste of War: World War II and the Battle for Food" by Lizzie Collingham, Penguin Press, $36, 634 pages


In the same issue, a book review by Jeremy Bernstein: "Hitler's Gift to American Science" The books are: "The Quantum Exodus" by Gordon Fraser, Oxford, $45, 267 pages "Keeper of Nuclear Conscience" by Andrew Brown, Oxford, $29.95, 347 pages


In the April 2 edition of The Washington Times, a book review by Joseph C. Goulden: "How Soviet air force played its part" The book is:"Red Phoenix Rising: The Soviet Air Force in World War II by Von Hardesty and Ilya Grinberg, University Press of Kansas, $34.95, 305 pages There is reference to a wartime incident where the Soviets refused to return three B-29 Superfortress planes to their American allies.



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