Viktor Weisz

Placement: Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Washington D.C.: June 14 – September 7, 2019

During his internship, Viktor’s main tasks at GEN were doing research on Latin American countries’ startup ecosystems, especially on Uruguay; assisting Jonathan Ortmans, President of GEN with various short-term projects; assistance in creating social media campaigns for GEW and GEW USA; assisting in the creation of a communications plan for GEW USA and theme blog posts; and editing and organizing GEN’s recorded material of interviews, talks, discussions and presentations. Viktor was also instrumental in helping the Coalition with their annual fundraising mailing campaign for their Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund.

“The opportunity to participate in the program provided me with a lifetime experience. I gained insight into the organization, work process, and value of a great company, all of which contributed significantly to my personal and professional development. I am so happy to rejoin the GEN team this summer!”

Viktor Weisz is an undergraduate student in International Relations at King’s College London (London, United Kingdom). Before moving to London, Viktor attended SEK Budapest International School (Budapest, Hungary) and graduated with exceptional results. Owing to his diligence and effort throughout his high school years, Viktor was accepted to do undergraduate courses at Stanford University in Stanford, CA, and Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, with both of these institutions granting him a considerable amount of assistance in merit-based scholarships. In addition to these, at the age of 16, Viktor was chosen to represent Hungary at the European Parliament and speak in the main chamber regarding the contemporary issues and solutions to immigration and migration, after winning the first price of the Euroscola competition in Hungary. In the summer of 2018, Viktor also volunteered at Artemisszió Foundation (Budapest, Hungary), a non-profit organization of public interest for the promotion and facilitation of intercultural dialogue. Viktor is interested in international law, political theory, conflict management, diplomacy, international economics and entrepreneurship. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.

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