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Three Outstanding Hungarian Researchers Receive The Charles Simonyi Research Scholarship Award

Washington, D.C. – On October 19, 2006 three outstanding Hungarian researchers received the Charles Simonyi Research Scholarship Award at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. The annual award was first established in 2000 by Dr. Charles Simonyi, which was continued this year – with the cooperation of the Hungarian American Coalition – to serve the goal of encouraging outstanding scientific research by Hungarians.

The awards in the amount of $15,000 each were received by the following researchers: Dr. János Csapó, a doctor of agricultural science whose extensive research on measuring of D-amino acids in forage and food at the Institute of Chemistry of the Pannon Agricultural University of Kaposvár and his several innovative methods has received international recognition. Among other innovations, he developed a method of age-determination by analyzing the amino acid decomposition products of bones and teeth that can be well used in archeology and anthropology. The second award was received by Dr. Miklós Tisza, a doctor of technical science, professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Miskolc. Besides his educational activities and many publications he leads several research projects in the field of materials technology, especially in computer aided tool design, and in the field of robotics for metal forming and the related expert systems development. The third award was given to Dr. László Szirmay-Kalos, a doctor of literature, and a researcher of the Institute of Hungarian and Comparative Literature of the University of Debrecen, whose research areas include: Hungarian literature of the 19th century about which he wrote a literary history textbook; comparative analysis of Eastern-Central European literature, especially the reception of classic Russian literature in Hungary; and numerous studies on contemporary Hungarian literature.

The granting of the research scholarships was made by the Charles Simonyi Research Scholarship Committee that has seven members and is operating in the framework of the Magyary Zoltán Higher Educational Public Foundation. The awards were presented by Dr. Lajos Keszthelyi, President of the Charles Simonyi Research Scholarship Committee, Dr. Norbert Kroó, Vice-President (Natural Sciences) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Károly Manherz, State Secretary of Education and Science.

The presentation ceremony was opened by Mr. Miklós Réthelyi, Chairman of the Board of the Magyary Zoltán Higher Educational Public Foundation. After the laudations of the awardees all three researchers held short lectures describing their research activities.

Zsolt Szekeres, Board member of the Hungarian American Coalition, conveyed the congratulations of the organization to each of the three outstanding Hungarian research scientists.

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