Theodore J. Horvath

Theodore J. Horvath was born and raised in Cleveland’s historic Buckeye Road neighborhood, where his parents had a Hungarian bakery. He had a distinguished career as an attorney before his retirement. In addition to leadership positions in the Coalition and several local Hungarian organizations, such as the Magyar Club, Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society and the Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel.

Mr. Horvath has had a 54-year-long association with Rainey Institute, an arts center for Cleveland’s low income families. Mr. Horvath was a member of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus for 25 years, and the organization recently honored him. In 2012, he received the prestigious 2012 Lewis Hine Award for Service to Children and Youth, given in New York by the National Child Labor Committee. Mr. Horvath’s son, Chris, composed the musical score for the documentary film, Torn from the Flag.