The Hungarian American Coalition Held Its Third Board of Directors Meeting in 1993

The Hungarian American Coalition held a Board of Directors meeting, the third in 1993, on December 4, 1993 at the headquarters of the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America. The Board reviewed the Coalition’s activities of 1993 and passed several resolutions relating to organizational activities. The Board also approved the issuance of a public statement urging President Clinton to support NATO membership for Hungary and other Central European states. A message to Hungarian Prime Minister Jozsef Antall was also sent by the Board.

The Board meeting was preceded by the celebration of the Coalition’s third annual Mikulas (St. Nicholas) dinner. The festive event was held on December 3, at the Hungarian embassy. In attendance were several notable guests including H.E. Paul Tar and Mrs. Tar, Sandor Csoori, President of the World Federation of Hungarians, Marilyn Di Giacobbe, Associate Director, Office of Public Liaison, the White House, who delivered a warm holiday message sent from President Clinton. Additionally, many Coalition members representing numerous Hungarian organizations attended as did several distinguished guests along with members of the Hungarian press, including Duna TV.

Coalition President, Edith Lauer, summed up the year’s accomplishments highlighting the Coalition’s sponsorship of the New York-based Threshold Theater Company performing Gheen Paskandi’s play No Conductor in English that same evening in Budapest.

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