The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund Joins the Hungarian American Coalition Education Programs

Washington DC –  In the spring of 2014 Dr. Béla and April Bognár requested the Hungarian American Coalition to become the administrator of their Hungarian Scholarship Fund as part of the Coalition’s comprehensive leadership training and educational portfolio.

The Coalition’s leadership gratefully accepted this new opportunity of adding this excellent Fund to its program that already includes the Dr. Elemér and Éva Kiss Scholarship Fund and the Congressional Internship Program.

The Hungarian Scholarship Fund (HSF) was established in 1999 by Dr. Béla and April Bognár to provide assistance to qualified Hungarian university students living and/or studying in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, and the United States.  Since its inception, the founders have raised more than $500,000 from members of the Hungarian American community, churches, organizations and the Sunshine Lady Foundation (SLF), directed by Mrs. Doris Buffett.

Scholarship recipients must have an excellent academic record, outstanding recommendations from teachers or the clergy and proven financial need.

The HSF track record has been remarkable:  as of June, 2013, HSF has awarded scholarships, many of them multi-year, to 152 students.  89 students earned BS degrees, 17 MS degrees, 6 MDs, 7 PhDs and 1 JD degree.

With the Bognárs’ agreement, HSF has been renamed The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund as the Coalition takes over administrative duties for this program, including fundraising, scholarship recipient selection and evaluation.

The scholarship application form is available at the Coalition’s website, or writing to Noémi Bánhidi at



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