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Severe Flooding Devastates Subcarpathia

The Hungarian American Coalition asks all Hungarian Americans to contribute to the aid of victims of the catastrophic flooding in the Subcarpathian (Karpatalja) region of Ukraine, home to a Hungarian minority of 160,000.

Flooding of the Tisza River has caused enormous destruction in most of the region of Subcarpathia, as well as parts of Eastern Hungary. The villages and settlements near the river that suffered enormously in the floods of past years were affected even more severely this winter. The Hungarian American Coalition urges everyone who sympathizes with the victims’ plight to provide financial assistance. Even a modest contribution is helpful in this instance of dire need.

The Coalition has already approved an outlay of $5,000 for fast disaster relief. We will use the final tally of contributions from North America to contribute to the recovery and rebuilding of the infrastructure of the region. Specifically, the Coalition will identify and support a particular infrastructure project (such as a school, church, health care facility or other municipal facility), thereby providing a lasting investment in the region’s recovery.

Last year the Coalition administered an $80,000 grant to aid in the reconstruction of the public administration building of an eastern Hungarian town, Vamosujfalu, that was devastated as a consequence of the massive flooding of the Tisza River.

The Coalition would also like to obtain information about other disaster relief initiatives by Hungarian Americans or their organizations. Please provide us with this information to the above telephone number or e-mail address: We would like to share donor information to enhance the effectiveness of Hungarian-American contributions to the disaster relief in either Hungary of Subcarpathia.

Please make your contributions to the Hungarian American Coalition with the notation “Flooding in Karpatalja” in the memo of the check. Our address is 818 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 850, Washington, DC 20006.

The Hungarian American Coalition is a nationwide non-profit organization that promotes public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues.

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