Rep. Tom Lantos Dies at Age 80

The following is a statement by Maximilian Teleki, President of the Hungarian American Coalition:

„On behalf of the Hungarian American Coalition and all Coalition members throughout the United States, I would like to express our profound grief at the sad news of the death of Rep. Tom Lantos.

Throughout the years, Tom Lantos and his family members attended various events sponsored by the Hungarian American Coalition. Often, he spoke with great pride of his Hungarian identity; occasionally, he even recited patriotic Hungarian poetry remembered from his childhood.

Congressman Lantos was an unfailing and principled advocate for human rights. He personified the highest principles of statesmanship by using his office and influence for good: to assist persecuted peoples throughout the world.

To Hungarian-Americans, Tom Lantos was a true ally in Washington. He shared our heritage, and he shared our concern for ethnic Hungarians who live as minorities throughout the Carpathian Basin. Throughout his years in office, he took the lead and helped our cause in numerous Congressional initiatives to call attention to the plight of Hungarian minorities – the most urgent cause uniting Hungarian-Americans today. Tom Lantos never wavered in his commitment to the entire Hungarian nation. As an advocate for our concerns and as a personal friend, he is irreplaceable. Our thoughts and prayers are with Annette and with the entire Lantos family.”

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