Noticed in the Press – Oct 31 , 2015

In the October 24-25 edition of The Wall Street Journal, a review by Julia M. Klein, under the series Masterpiece: “A New Old Church Both Reverential and Self-Referential”. The Masterpiece is: Dresden’s Frauenkirche, or “Church of Our Lady”, a Lutheran church completed in 1734, destroyed in 1945 and re-consecrated ten years ago this month.


In the October 30 issue of The Washington Post, an op-ed by columnist Anne Applebaum: “Ukraine’s war on two fronts” ‘Ukraine battles a second enemy: Corruption’.


In the same edition, an obituary by Steve Chawkins of the Los Angeles Times: “Walter S. Graf, 98 Leader in paramedic care” ‘Cardiologist advanced critical-care techniques’.



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