Noticed in the Press – Oct 28, 2016

In the October 27 edition of The New York Times, an op-ed by Michael Khodarkovsky: "Playing With Fear: Russia's War Card"


In the October 28 issue of the Hungarian weekly HVG, an opinion piece by István Dobozi: "Az igazság kapott pofont,nem Magyarország"


In this opinion piece of October 28 in the Hungarian daily HVG "A slap to the truth, rather than to Hungary", Mr. Dobozi responds to an October 23 HVG article citing a report by the Austrian daily Die Presse that claimed the the U.S. slaps Hungary in the face since in the 1956 commemorations in Washington there were no high ranking American officials.

While acknowledging some strains in Hungarian-American relations, the author states that such claims are untrue since the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, Colleen Bell, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, were both prominent participants in the 1956 commemorations held in Washington.



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