Noticed in the Press – May 30, 2013

In the May 28 edition of The Washington Post a report by Maggie Fazzeli Fard on the story of Charity Tilleman-Dick, granddaughter of the Congressman Tom Lantos: "Singing opera with someone else’s lungs"


In the May-25-26 issue of The Wall Street Journal two book reviews.


One by Jeffrey Collins: "Cockpit of the West"  ‘The ceaseless efforts by European nations to dominate their rivals shaped the modern world’. The book is  "Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy"  by Brendan Simms, Basic, $35, 689 pages


The other by Andrew Roberts: "The War Both Sides Wanted"  'No account of the Civil War's causes should omit a pertinent fact:  The North and South could hardly wait to tear each other's      guts out.'  The book is "A Disease in the Public Mind" by Thomas Fleming, Da Capo, $26.99, 354 pages



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