Noticed in the Press – May 15, 2016

In the May 11 edition of the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, an opinion piece by István Dobozi: "Clinton kontra Trump"


In this opinion piece entitled "Clinton vs. Trump" the author compares the policy platforms of the two presumptive nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, weighing their chances to win the November presidential elections. Given Mr. Trump sharp departure from the well-established GOP orthodoxy, Mr. Dobozi points to a surprisingly strong commonality in their policy stances, particularly in the domestic agenda (e.g., both arguing against free trade agreements, no serious plans to tame Wall Street excesses and deal with the super-rich "one percent"). The main differences are in foreign affairs, particularly America's global role. While Trump argues for a more circumspect stance vis-á-vis NATO and the Middle East, Clinton would be more interventionist, asserting America's pre-eminence on the world stage. The writer also argues for caution on current polls showing a substantial edge for the presumptive Democratic nominee in the much anticipated Clinton-Trump matchup. So far, Mr. Trump has succeeded against all odds and Mrs. Clinton is vulnerable across a number of issue-areas. So all bets are off.


In the May 14-15 issue of The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Essay by Andrew Browne: "Mao Now" 'The Cultural Revolution is no longer just an ugly chapter in China's past. Its brutal legacy form a key part of President Xi Jinping's 'China dream' "


In the May 15 edition of The Washington Post, a report by Ellen Nakashima and William Booth: "Cyber-city rises from the desert in Israel"



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