Noticed in the Press – May 05, 2016

In the April 29 edition of the Hungarian daily Népszabadság, a Letter to the Editor by István Dobozi: "Ukrajna és az atom" ("Ukraine and atomic energy").


In response to an article by Ákos Éger in the April 23 edition of Népszabadság ("Ukraine does not learn"), Mr. Dobozi (who was the World Bank's energy pointsman for Ukraine) warns that amid Ukraine's deep economic crisis, coal mines controlled by pro-Russian separatists and Russian gas reduced to a trickle, electricity demand pressures on the rapidly aging nuclear industry are growing by the day, which poses security risks. Meanwhile, international assistance is focused on short-term nuclear safety upgrades only, not on the more important long-term life-extension efforts. Energoatom, the national nuclear utility, is fundamentally bankrupt, which amplifies the security risks.  The author argues that in these circumstances it is not realistic to expect that the old nuclear reactors will be closed when they reach their design lives. This poses new security risks for Ukraine and its neighbors.


In the May 4 issue of The Washington Post, a report by James McAuley: "Hungary heads for a vote that could flout an E.U. order to accept migrants"



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