Noticed in the Press – June 20, 2016

In the June 18-19 edition of The Wall Street Journal, an art review by Lance Esplund "Picturing a Sinner's Remorse" under the series Masterpiece.

The masterpiece is "Judas Returning The Thirty Pieces of Silver" (1629) by Rembrandt.


In the June 19 issue of The Washington Post, an op-ed by columnist Anne Applebaum: "The deadly ideas that shape our world"


In the June 20 edition of the Hungarian daily Népszabadság, an opinion piece by István Dobozi: "Trump – Amerika mindenekelőtt"


In his opinion piece "Trump – America First" Coalition member István Dobozi assesses the crudely framed and sometimes incoherent foreign policy ideas of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.  Largely on a cost-benefit basis, Mr. Trump questions the value of U.S. global leadership based on a unilateralist policy to promote not American interests so much as American values abroad, draining national resources in the process. He fundamentally challenges the "freedom and democracy agenda"- driven bipartisan consensus that has framed America's global role for decades. Trump views NATO an obsolete military alliance full of free riders "ripping off the U.S.," and wants to convert it into an essentially anti-terrorism organization. As president, he would cancel or renegotiate all free-trade agreements which Trump considers poorly negotiated and detrimental to American economic interests, including job creation.  He would address China's unfairly enormous trade surplus vis-a-vis the U.S. with drastic protectionist measures such as prohibitively high import tariffs.  Mr. Dobozi notes that Trumpism in foreign policy is notable by its neglect of the potential consequences of its revisionism, including a possible trade war with China and nuclear proliferation in Asia, if the U.S. drastically reduces its defence partnership with Japan and South Korea.

The article concludes by saying that foreign policy rarely decides the outcome of presidential elections. This is not about to change in November 2016, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic nominee, offers a drastically different political stance: conduct a traditional liberal internationalism – America as the indispensable nation.  However, Mr. Dobozi warns, the American public now – after disastrous U.S. military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia – is closer to Mr. Trump's view of and "America First" restraint in foreign policy that the idea of perpetual war and nation-building abroad.



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