Noticed in the Press June 15, 2012

An op-ed by columnist Anne Applebaum in the June 15 edition of The Washington Post: "The high price of civic pride" 'Euro 2012, Olympics are expensive ways to boost Europe’s mood'


In the same edition, a report by Howard Schneider: "In Greece's boom,money roared past danger signs"   'In Greece, the money flowed freely, until it didn’t'In the June 14 issue of The Washington Post the obituary of Elinor Ostrom by Emily Langer: "Elinor Ostrom, first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in economics, dies at 78"


The obituary includes a book review by Scott London and a link related to her book, with the title:"Governing the Commons" 'The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action' by Elinor Ostrom, Cambridge University Press, 1990, 280 pages.



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