Noticed in the Press – July 3, 2015

An opinion piece by columnist David Ignatius in the July 3 edition of The Washington Post: “A reality check from Greece”


In the July 2 issue of The Washington Times, a commentary by columnist Suzanne Fields: “No thanks for these mummeries” ‘Sincerity and absurdity blur in the electronic record ripping through American culture’


In the June 28 edition of The Washington Times, a book review by Sudip Bose: “Musician Béla Bartók was pride of two nations”  The book is “Béla Bartók” by David Cooper, Yale Univ. $40, 436 p. At the end of the review, there is a commentary by Steven Lebetkin on the contribution of Bartók to the “changing language of 20th century music”. 



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