Noticed in the Press – Jan 5, 2015

An op-ed by human rights lawyer Teng Biao in the December 29 edition of The Washington Post: “China’s empty promise of rule by law”

A book review by Martin Rubin in the December 31 issue of The Washington Times: “Another ruthless, authoritarian leader and his influence”The book is “Ataturk in the Nazi Imagination” by Stefan Ihrig, Belknap Press of Harvard University, $29.95, 311 pages, illustrated.

In the January 4 edition of The Washington Post, a book review by Jonathan Kirsch: “The man who envisioned a Jewish state” The book is: “Herzl’s Vision: Theodor Herzl and the Foundation of the Jewish State” by Shlomo Avineri, BlueBridge, $22.95, 275 pp.



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