Noticed in the Press – Jan 20, 2015

In the January 17-18 edition of The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Essay by Christopher Caldwell: “Europe’s Crisis of Faith” ‘France and the rest of Western Europe have never honestly confronted the issues raised by Muslim immigration’

In the same issue, two book reviews:

“Why Hitler Wished He Was A Muslim” ‘The Führer admired Atatürk’s subordination of religion to the state – and his ruthless treatment of minorities’ by Dominic Green.

The books are “Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination by Stefan Ihrig, Harvard, $29.95, 311 pages.  And “Islam and Nazi Germany’s War” by David Motadel, Harvard, $35, 500 pages.

Also, “Next Stop: Liberty” ‘New York City’s abolitionist operatives showed cunning and courage as they worked to help fugitive slaves’ by David S. Reynolds. The book is “Gateway to Freedom” by  Eric Foner, $26.95, 301 pages.



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