Noticed in the Press – Jan 10, 2014

A book review by James Hall in the January 4-5 edition of The Wall Street Journal: “Transcendant and Precise”. The book is “Piero’s Light” by Larry Witham, Pegasus, $28.95, 354 pages. The review includes “The Flagellation of Christ” (c. 1455) by Piero della Francesca.


An obituary by David Ng and David Colker in the January 8 issue of The Washington Post: “Saul Zaentz 92, A relentless producer of music and movies”. Among the films he produced was the “English Patient” (1997) a fictional account based partly on the life of László Almásy (1895-1951) in North  Africa.


A report by Alissa J. Rubin and Scott Sayarejan in the January 10 edition of The New York Times: "French Far-Right Leader Aims for E.U. Parliament". The report makes reference to the Hungarian Jobbik Party.



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