Noticed in the Press – Dec 3, 2014

A book review by Joshua Rubenstein in the November 22-23 edition of The Wall Street Journal: “The Man of Steel” ‘The young Stalin made a name by organizing “expropiations” – audacious robberies of banks and armored couriers’ The book is “Stalin” by Stephen Kotkin, Penguin Press, $40, 949 pages.


A report by Michael E. Ruane in the November 30 issue of The Washington Post: “In the words of a witness” ‘A Hungarian doctor chronicled her hiding of two Jews in the dark times of World War II. The U.S. Holocaust Musem is ready to post the diary online.


A book review by Eric Felten in the November 29-30 edition of The Wall Street Journal: “Making a Note of It” The book is “Capturing Music” by Thomas Forrest Kelly, Norton, $45, 238 pages.



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