Noticed in the Press – Aug 20, 2012


An art review by E.A. Carmean, Jr. under the Masterpiece series in the August 18-19 edition of The Wall Street Journal: "From a Master of Color, the Light of Faith" The masterpiece is: Henri Matisse, Chapelle du Rosaire des Dominicanes de Vence, 1951 The chapel is arguably the greatest religious art and architecture project of the 20th century.


In the same issue, The Weekend Interview by Matthew Kaminski:"Guy Sorman Why Europe Will Rise Again" France's foremost free-market economist says that Europe's leaders won't let the euro fail, and the EU will save France from the French.


In the July 28 edition of The Economist, a write-up on Hungary, with the title: "Old and Nasty" and a Letter to the Editor of August 18, by Helen Szablya, Honorary Consul General of Hungary in Seattle.   

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