Noticed in the Press – Apr 15, 2018

In the April 14 edition of the website, a commentary by historian Krisztián Ungváry: "A Fidesz-szavazó védelmében"  ("In defense of the Fidesz voter").

Commenting on the April 8 vote in Hungary that resulted in a victory for Fidesz, the author highlights the opposition failure to communicate with the wider public, particularly regarding the appalling cases of governmental corruption, noting also that an important voter segment that was exposed to the independent or opposition media still voted for the ruling party, largely because the opposition offered no credible program and sent mixed messages on issues such as migration.  The author concluded that it is not too late to learn from this defeat, but that the opposition parties should be more adept and willing to communicate with each other and, above all, be more willing to give way to a more nimble leadership.

In the April 15 issue of The Washington Post, a book review by Daniel J. Sargent: "Overlooked architect of the Cold War"   The book is "Zbigniew Brzezinski: America's Grand Strategist" by Justin Vaisse.  Translated from the French by Catherine Porter.  Harvard, $35, 505 pp.



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