Noticed in the Press – Apr 11, 2017

In the April 8 edition of The Washington Post, an opinion piece by columnist Fareed Zakaria: "One missile strike is not a strategy"

In the April 8-9 issue of The Wall Street Journal, an art review by Ruth R. Wisse, under the series Masterpiece: "A Novelist's Visionary Zionism"
The masterpiece is "Daniel Deronda" (1876) by George Eliot.
In the April 10 edition of The Washington Times, a book review by Martin Rubin: "Managing risk when power shifts"
The book is "Fragile Rise: Grand Strategy and the Fate of Imperial Germany, 1871-1914" by Xu Quiyu.  Translated by Joshua Hill and foreword Graham Allison. The MIT Press, $31, 341 pages.



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