Noticed in the Press – Apr 01, 2016

In the March 30 edition of The Washington Times, a report by Rowan Scarborough: "ISIS issues chilling warnings: More attacks targeting U.S., Europe are coming"


In the April 1 issue of POLITICO, a report by Alexander Cohen: "The Defense Industry's Surprising Favorites: Bernie and Hillary"


In the April 1 edition of Magyar Nemzet, an opinion piece by István Dobozi: "Megállitható-e Donald Trump?"


In "Can Donald Trump Be Stopped?" the writer comments on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's success in the primaries and attendant concerns of the Republican leadership. Mr. Dobozi highlights the big gap between GOP orthodoxy and Trump's program across major policy areas. Trump as a national candidate is inherently problematic and the GOP leadership is seeking ways of preventing him from becoming the nominee, as he is deemed quite vulnerable to the anticipated rival Hillary Clinton. The author depicts several scenarios including the possibility of a contested GOP convention in Cleveland or Trump running as an independent candidate following Ross Perot's example in 1992.  Under all scenarios, the clear beneficiary is Hillary a result of Trump's deep division of the Republican votes.



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