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Noticed in the Press 2008

December  19

  • An op-ed by Robinson Ahlstrom in last Wednesday Washington Times, with the title: "Chicago Style 'Reform' ?" The writer argues that a retreat from a historic attention to the humanities has weakened the quality of American public education.

  • In the same issue, Jonathan Imbody, of the Christian Medical Association, comments on pro-abortion policies of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: "A matter of conscience" 'Abortion and Hippocratic tenets'

  • In the same issue, Helle Dale, of the Heritage Foundation,comments on the president-elect wish to "reboot America's image around the world and in the Muslim world in particular": "100-day peace plan?" 'Obama's Mideast ambitions'.

December  17

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by columnist Michael Gerson: "The Strength of Compassionate Conservatism".

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post: "Tumble From a Pyramid".

  • In the same issue of the Washington Post, an article about the current financial disturbance by Jill Drew: "Frenzy".

December  16

  • An op-ed by Amb. Richard Holbrooke in yesterday's Washington Post, recalling key developments in Sino-American relations: "The Day the Door to China Opened Wide" .

  • In the same issue, columnist Robert Samuelson's op-ed calls lobbying an exercise in democracy: "An Obama Gift for K Street".

  • From yesterday s Wall Street Journal, Gordon Crovitzcommentary on the increasing dangers of security in the internet: "Internet Attacks Are a Real and Growing Problem".

December  12

  • An op-ed in yesterday's Washington Times by Rachel Ehrenfeld and Samuel Abady: "Islamic banking".

  • An article from William J. Broad in last Tuesday's New York Times: "Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb".
    There is a reference to Hungarian-born physicist Edward Teller in this comment on upcoming books on nuclear proliferation.

  • From last weekend's Wall Street Journal, a comment on musical recordings by Benjamin Ivry : "A Testament to Bach" The writer makes reference to recordings by cellists Miklós Perényi and János Starker.

December  10

  • An op-ed by former president Jimmy Carter in today's Washington Post: "Obama's Human Rights Opportunity".

  • Two commentaries related to human rights in today's Washington Times: Don Feder: "Double Standards on China"
    William Triplett: "Beijing looks at Obama".

December  3

  • An op-ed in yesterday's Washington Times by Joel Mowbray: "Who elected Barack Obama?".

  • From the Monday issue of the Washington Times columnist Nat Hentoff comments on Darfur: "Remember Darfur Genocide?".

December  1

  • An article by Ceci Connolly in yesterday's Washington Post on the need to reform the American health care system, featuring Peter Orszag, the newly appointed Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

  • In the same issue, an opinion piece by Marie Arana: "He's Not Black".

  • In yesterday's Washington Times columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhnercomments on the incoming administration position on abortion: "Obama vs. Pope Benedict".

November  29

  • In yesterday's Washington Times the Embassy Row columnfeaturing Mircea Geoana former Ambassador and Foreign Minister of Romania.

  • An op-ed by Sidik H Rozi in the Washington Times of November 26: "Dusty Relics of Yalta".

  • An article by Ceci Connoly in the Washington Post of November 26: "Orszag will be Director of OMB".

November  20

  • An op-ed by Anne Applabaum in today's Washington Post: "Getting Past Mythmaking in Georgia".

  • In the same issue an op-ed by Masha Lipman: "Mercy that Eludes Medvedev".

  • An opinion piece by Garry Kasparov in today's Wall Street Journal: "Obama Should Look Into Putin's Record, Not His Eyes".

November  17

  • An op-ed by Thomas Sowell in yesterday's Wahington Times: " 'Intellectuals' are poseurs".

  • commentary by the former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer in yesterday's Outlook section of the Washington Post: "How to Ground the Street".

  • An opinion piece by Lee Siegel in the Weekend issue of the Wall Street Journal: "Obama's Muse".

November  13

  • An op-ed by Arnaud De Borchgrave in Monday's Washington Times: "Think the impossible".

  • An op-ed from yesterday's Washington Post by Michael Gerson: "Where Obama Can Be Bold".

November  12

  • An editorial on Darfur in the Washington Times of November 8.

  • An editorial on Myanmar in the Sunday edition of The Washington Times.

  • In the same edition of book review by Martin Rubin: "What the lions had in common".
    The book is an attempt to equate George Orwell with Evelyn Waugh. The book's title is: "In Love and War" by David Lebedoff, Random House, $26, 262 p. Illus.

November  9

  • An op-ed by Jeffrey Kuhner in today's Washington Times: "Croatia in chaos".

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson in last Friday's Washington Post: "The Decency of George W. Bush".

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by columnist Charles Krauthammer: "The Campaign Autopsy".

November  6

  • An editorial from yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "President-Elect Obama".

  • An op-ed by Helle Dale in yesterday's Washington Times: "Focusing on Afghanistan".

November  4

  • An editorial from yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "Leap of Hope".

  • An op-ed by Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum in today's edition: "Five Election Myths".

November  3

  • A book review in yesterday's Washington Post by Jonathan Yardley: "Lincoln, The Literary Preparation of a Great President".
    The book is: "Lincoln" 'The Biography of a Writer' by Fred Kaplan, Harper, $27.95, 406 p.

October  31

  • An op-ed by Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post of October 28: "Laura Bush's Bully Pulpit".

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times by Christian Bourge: "Rogues on the Hill?".

  • An article about a look back at the early fundraising efforts of the Obama campaign, from the Wall Street Journal of March 15, 2008: "Money Maven" 'Billionaire Penny Pritzker raises record amount of cash for Obama' by Robert Frank and Mark Maremont.

October  28

  • An editorial from today's Washington Times endorsing John McCain for president of the United States.

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "Why McCain Lost Me".

October  21

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "The Iceland Syndrome" There is a reference to Hungary in the opinion piece.

  • An op-ed from today's Wall Street Journal: "The Dangers of a Diminished America" by Aaron Friedberg and Gabriel Schoenfeld.

October  20

  • An interview with Maximilian Teleki, president of the Hungarian American Coalition, in today's "Népszabadság" (1,2Mb).
    The interview highlights the role of the Coalition and other organizations to see Hungary included in the Visa Vaiwer Program.

  • An interview by Anna Schwartz in the weekend's Wall Street Journal: "Bernanke Is Fighting the Last War".

October  17

  • An op-ed by Karl Rove in yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "Obama Hasn't Closed the Sale".

  • An editorial in today's Washington Post endorsing Barack Obama for president.

October  16

  • An op-ed by Suzanne Fields in today's Washington Times: "Irrational exuberance".

  • report on the background of the financial crisis in yesterday's Washington Post: "What Went Wrong".

October  14

  • An opinion piece by Gordon Crovitz from yesterday's Wall Street Journal with the title: "The 1% Panic" 'Our financial models were only meant to work 99% of the time'.

    The writer makes reference to and op-ed by James G. Rickards with the title: "A Mountain Overlooked" ' How Risk Models Failed Wall St. and Washington' published in The Washington Post of October 2, 2008 and sent out by "Noticed in the Press" on October 4.

October  10

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by John Lipsky, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund: "Navigating the Storm".

  • Also, an op-ed by John Steele Gordon in today's Wall Street Journal: "A Short Banking History of the United States".

October  9

  • An op-ed by Jackson Diehl in the Washington Post of October 6: "McCain's Running Mate".

  • An op-ed by Henry A. Kissinger and George P. Shultz in yesterday's Washington Post: "Building on Common Ground with Russia".

October  6

  • An op-ed in last Saturday's Washington Post by columnist Masha Lipman on Russia: "A Rational Russia Policy?".

  • From last Saturday's Wall Street Journal, an opinion piece by economist Martin Feldstein commenting on the bailout bill and root cause of the credit crunch: "The problem is still falling house prices".

  • report on the background of the mortgage woes by Charles Duhogg, published in yesterday's New York Times: "Pressured to take More Risk Fannie Reached Tipping Point".

October 4

  • Two opinion pieces from yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "How Government Stoked the Mania" by Russell Roberts.

  • Kimberley Strassel writes on the congressional performance of Rep. Paul Ryan in: "What Leadership Looks Like".

  • Also, an op-ed in the Washington Post of October 2, by James G. Rickards: "A Mountain, Overlooked" 'How Risk Models Failed on Wall St. and Washington'.

October 1

  • In today's Washington Times, the Embassy Row columnfeaturing the foreign minister of Hungary, Kinga Goncz.

September 29

  • From today's Washington Times, the Embassy Row columnfeaturing in the section of 'Diplomatic traffic' Hungarian foreign minister Kinga Goncz and Ambassador Mihaly Bayer, Hungary's envoy to the European Union's Nabucco project.

  • Also, in the same issue, columnist Donald Lambro comments on the current financial crisis: "Subprime mortgage suspects".

September 25

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post: "The Smart Money in Afghanistan".

  • In today's Washington Post an op-ed by James Galbraith: "A Bailout We Don't Need".

  • In today's Washington Times, an op-ed by Suzanne Fields: "Numbers don't add up".

September 17

  • Two opinion pieces on how to deal with Russia in last Sunday's Washington Times, by Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation and Toby T. Gati, former special assistant to president Clinton.

  • In yesterday's Washington Times, a report by Raisa Sheynberg with the title: "Georgia woes batter Russia's economy".

September 11

  • An op-ed in yesterday's Wall Street Journal by Fouad Ajami: "The Foreign Policy Difference".

  • In yesterday' Washington Times, an op-ed by Helle Dale: "Experience to Judge" 'Lessons from the war in Georgia'.

  • In yesterday's Washington Post, an op-ed by Michael Gerson: "Trig's Breakthrough".

September 9

  • An article in Sunday's Washington Post by Rick Shenkman: "Five Myths About those Civic-Minded, Deeply Informed Voters".

  • An op-ed by Robert Novak in last Saturday's Washington Post: "How a Tumor is Changing My Life".

  • A health report from the Wall Street Journal of September 5 by Gautam Naik: In Long-Awaited Maps of Cancer, the Breakthrough is the Problem".
    The article has a comment by geneticist George Miklos.

September 5

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by Charles Krauthammer: "Palin's Problem".

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by E.J. Dionne, Jr.: "Elegy for a Maverick"

  • A commentary by Barbara Amiel in today's Wall Street Journal: "What Mrs.Palin Could Learn from Mrs. T.".

September 3

  • An article by Nicholas Kralev and Bill Gertz in today's Washington Times, featuring Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Daniel Fried: "White House careful on cutting ties to Moscow".

  • In today's Wall Street Journal, an opinion piece by Judy Shelton with the title: "The Market Will Punish Putinism".

September 1

  • commentary by John O'Sullivan in yesterday's Washington Times: "Lessons of a post-modern war".
    Mr. O'Sullivan makes reference to the opinion pieces and book by Robert Kagan, featured in Noticed in the Press.

  • Also, on the same edition a book review by James E. Person, Jr. with the title: "Introducing the Russian giant".
    The books is: "An Introduction to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn"  by Edward E. Ericson, Jr. and Alexis Klimoff,  ISI Books, $28, 300p.

August 30

  • An opinion piece by Robert Kagan in the Weekend Wall Street Journal, with the title: "Power Play".

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson: "Obama the Orthodox".

  • In the same issue a report by Griff Witte: "In Israel, A Clash Over Who Is a Jew".

August 29

  • An article by Adam LeBor in "The Times" of August 22, with the title: "Fury over Georgia? Not in Hungary".

  • In today's Washington Post, an op-ed by Charles Krauthammer commenting on the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama: "The Perfect Stranger".

August 26

  • An op-ed by former Ambassador Jim Rosapepe: "On Diplomacy,  Biden Knows Who and How" published today in The Wall Street Journal.
    The writer of the opinion piece recounts a revealing exchange between Sen. Biden and a Romanian politician regarding the Hungarian minority of Romania.

August 25

  • An op-ed by Victor Yushchenko, president of Ukraine, in today's Washington Post, with the title: "Georgia and The Stakes for Ukraine".

August 23

  • Two opinion pieces and a news report on the aftermath of the conflict in Georgia. An op-ed by Richard Holbrooke in yesterday's Washington Post: "What the West Can Do".

  • In the same issue an op-ed by Charles Krauthammer: "NATO Meows".

  • In the Wahington Times of August 21 a report by Mel Frykberg: "Israel jittery on Georgia war".

August 20

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson in today's Washington Post: "Inspiration and Danger in Georgia".

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times by Helle Dale: "Russian Decline".

August 14

  • An op-ed co-authored by former Ambassador Jim Rosapepe and wife Sheilah Kast on the crisis in Georgia published August 12 in the Baltimore Sun: "A U.S. Concern" 'Those freed from Soviet tyranny will take hope or despair in West's response to Russian invasion'.

  • An op-ed by Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation in yesterday's Washington Times: "Moment of truth in Georgia".

August 12

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "When China Starved".

  • In the same issue, a report by Jill Drew: "In Tiananmen of Games, No Trace of '89 Massacre".

  • Also, a report by Ariana Eunjung Cha: "Official Acknowledges Opening Ceremony Lip Syncing".

August 11

  • An op-ed article from today's Washington Post by Robert Kagan: "Putin Makes His Move".

  • An op-ed also from today's Washington Post by Ronald Asmus and Richard Holbrooke with the title: "Black Sea Watershed".

August 8

  • An op-ed by Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation in yesterday's Washington Times: "Solzhenitsyn's legacy".

  • An op-ed by Mart Laar, former prime minister of Estonia, in yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "Stalinism Was Just as Bad as Nazism".

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson on what distinguishes Christianity from other movements or marketing fads: "Faith's Real Riches".

August 5

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum and an op-ed by Masha Lipman on Alexander Solzhenitsyn in today's Washington Post.

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson on Cindy McCain and an op-ed by David Ignatius on John McCain in earlier editions of the Washington Post.

July 16

  • An article by David Montgomery on Jose A. Castellanos: "Unsung Hero" 'A Salvadoran Diplomat in Nazi Europe Lent His Nation's Protection to Hungarian Jews' in yesterday's Washington Post.
    There is reference in the article to Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz and the "Glass House" in Budapest.

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum also in yesterday' Washington Post: "An Election Goes Abroad".

  • In today's issue of the same paper, columnist Robert Samuelsoncomments on the world economy: "A Baffling Global Economy".

July 15

  • The tragic death in a car accident of Bronislaw Geremek asreported by The New York Times.

  • An op-ed by Leon Aron in yesterday's Washington Post: "Back in the USSR?".

  • An op-ed by Andrew S. Grove in the Washington Post of July 13:  "An Energy Policy  We Can Stick To".

July 13

  • An op-ed by David Broder in today's Washington Post: "Obama's Enigma".

  • Amity Shlaes comments on former Sen. Phil Gramm comments on the economy in yesterday's Washington Post: "Phil Gramm Is Right".

  • An op-ed by Peter R. Orszag, Director of the Congressional Budget Office: "Climate Change Economics" in the Washington Post of July 9, 2008.

July 11

  • An op-ed by Charles Krauthammer in today's Washington Post: "How Hostages, And Nations, Get Liberated".

  • An "In the Loop" column by Al Kamen on Iran's missile launch from today's Washington Post.

  • The same column published on July 9, featuring the menu of the G-8 working lunch.

June 30

  • An article in yesterday's Washington Post by Craig Timberg: "Inside Mugabe's Violent Crackdown".

  • From yesterday's New York Times an article: "Jesse Helms, Beacon of Conservatism, Dies at 86".

  • An op-ed from last Sunday's Washington Post by columnist David Broder: "Dumbing Down the Presidency".

June 25

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post: "No Job for Mr. Nice Guy".

  • An op-ed by David Brooks in yesterday's New York Times: "The Bush Paradox".

  • In the same issue, a health report from Denise Grady on Tim Russert: "From a Prominent Death, Some Painful Truths".

June 21

  • An op-ed by David Broder in yesterday's Washington Post: "Getting to know Obama".

  • In the same issue, a look back to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis by Michael Dobbs: "Cool Crisis Management. It's a Myth. Ask JFK".

  • An article from the Weekend Wall Street Journal: "Robert Mundell: An Economist Who Matters" by Kyle Wingfield.

June 20

  • In an article in today's Washington Post, president Bush presented to Annette Lantos, widow of Congressman Tom Lantos, the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work on human rights.

  • An op-ed by David Broder in yesterday's Washington Post: "Foreign Policy's Best Hope".

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post of June 17: "Pity the Poor Eurocrats".

June 16

  • An op-ed by Washington Post columnist David Broder remembering Tim Russert (1950-2008): :"The Many Gifts of Tim Russert".

  • An op-ed by Robert Kagan from Sunday's Washington Post: "In Europe, A Slide Toward Irrelevance".

June 13

  • From last Wednesday's Washington Post, a brief report on the winners of the Medal of Freedom. The honorees include the late Congressman Tom Lantos for championing human rights.

  • From last Thursday's Washington Post, a piece by Balazs Koranyi: "Hungarians bank on penthatlon legacy in Beijing".

  • In today's Washington Post, an article by Glenn Kessler: "Burma Gives 'Cronies' a Slice of Storm Relief".

June 11

  • An editorial from yesterday's Wall Street Journal on the problem of human trafficking, with the title: "Of Human Bondage".

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post" "Whose Race Problem? Lots of Americans Accept Obama. But Will the World?".

  • report by Dana Mibank on Obama's appearance before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in last Thursday's Washington Post.

June 6

  • Two op-ed pieces and an article from last Wednesday's, June 4, 2008, Washington Post: 
    An op-ed by Michael Gerson with the title: "The Faith that Moves Tony Blair".

  • An op-ed by Miklos Haraszti entitled: "A Shield Law for The World".

  • An article by Anne Midgette: "The Women of Mozart's Day".

May 30

  • An editorial in today's Washington Post: "Let Them Eat Frogs" 'Burma's junta is willing to let its people starve while relief waits just offshore'.

  • In the same issue an op-ed by Michael Gerson: "The Libertarian Jesus".

  • A book review from The New York Times of May 18 by David E. Sanger. The book is "The Return of History and the End of Dreams" by Robert Kagan, Alfred A. Knopf, $19.95, 116 p.

May 22

  • An article published in last Sunday's Outlook Section of the Washington Post by Matthew Forney on the aftermath of the earthquake in China: "In Tragedy, A New Kind of Unity".

  • There is a historical reference to the Treaty of Versailles.

  • An opinion piece by David Beckman, president of "Bread of the World" in the May 19 issue of the Washington Times with the title: "Reform the farm bill".

May 17

  • The obituary of Jozsef Miko (1920-2008) published in last Thursday's Washington Post, from a report by Dennis McLellan of the Los Angeles Times. Jozsef Miko filmed a sizable documentary footage of the Hungarian revolution of 1956.

May 10

  • An article by Tomislav Nikolic, acting leader of the Serbian Radical Party, in yesterday’s Washington Times: „Serbia goes to the polls”.

  • In the same issue, a Letter to the Editor by Raefael Medoff, Director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies: „FDR and the Holocaust”.

  • An article in the Style section of The Washington Post of May 8 by Peter Carlson with the title: „Eyes Only: [redacted]”.

May 7

  • An op-ed by Richard Holbrooke: “Washington Battle Over Israel’s Birth”.

  • An article from yesterday’s New York Times: “Jerusalem Journal” by Isabel Kersher.

  • From the May 3 edition of The New York Times, William Grimesreport on the death of Philipp von Boeselager, who attempted to assassinate Hitler.

April 24

  • An op-ed by Richard Holbrooke in yesterday's Washington Post: "Lessons from Dayton for Iraq".

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum on Radio Free Europe published on April 22: "Radio To Stay Tuned To".

  • In the same issue, an article by David Shaywitz: "Science is leading us to more answers, but it's also misleading us".

April 18

  • An article in the Wahington Post of April 15 by Michael Abramowitz: "Jewish Liberals to Launch a Counterpoint to AIPAC".

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by Marie Gottschalk: "Two Separate Societies: "One in Prison, One Not".

  • An article from the Washington Times of April 16: "The power of forgiveness" by Ann Geracimos.

April 14

  • An editorial in today's Washington Post with the title: "Papal Opportunity".

  • An Embassy Row column in today's Washington Times, featuring a symposium in honor of Zbigniew Brzezinski at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.

April 9

  • An op-ed from last Saturday's Washington Post: "The Real China and the Olympics" by Hu Jia and Teng Biao.

  • A book review in last Sunday's Washington Post by Shannon Brownlee. The book is "Our Daily Meds" by Melody Petersen.

April 1

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by Rebiya Kadeer, president of the Uyghur American Association and the World Uyghur Congress: "Not the Torch of Liberty".

March 28

  • An interview with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in today's Washington Times by Nicholas Kralev: "Rice hits U.S. 'birth defect'."

  • Letter to the Editor by Frank Koszorus, Jr. in today's Washington Times, a follow-up to the opinion piece of Helle Dale commenting on the visa-waiver program: "America and its Eastern European Allies".

  • In today's Washington Post, Al Kamen's column "In the Loop" with the title: "No Solidarity for Envoys to Poland" on the rivalry between two seasoned officials at State: Daniel Fried and Christopher Hill.

March 26

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post with the title: "Olympic Fallacies".

  • An op-ed by Masha Lipman in today's Washington Post: "Medvedev's Chance to Lead?"

  • comment by Helle Dale in today's Washington Times: "Building strategic relationships" The writer makes reference to the memorandum of understanding on visas signed recently by Hungary and the United States.

March 21

  • Letter to the Editor in today's Washington Times on the Visa Waiver Program by Maximilian Teleki, president of the Hungarian American Coalition.

  • In today's Washington Post, an article on the repression in Tibet: "Privately, Bush Presses China Over Crackdown on Tibet".

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by columnist Michael Gerson: "Reasons For Good Friday".

March 18

  • An article in yesterday's Washington Times: "Conference eyes American-Indian sovereignty".

  • An Embassy Row column in today's Washington Times featuring the Ambassador of Hungary to the United States, Ferenc Somogyi.

  • In today's Washington Post, and op-ed by Anne Applebaum with the title "Cellphone Pictures in Lhasa" The columnist makes a reference to Austria-Hungary.

March 15

  • An editorial in today's Washington Post with the title: "Trouble in Tibet" 'China's repression produces a backlash'.
    The editorial states that "World leaders should also urge China to folllow its constitution, which requires freedom of speech and religion, as well as self-rule for ethnic minorities."

March 8

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson in yesterday's Washington Post: "A Popularity Offensive"

  • An op-ed in yesterday's Washington Times by Ariel Cohen: "Prize in Eurasian Game".

  • A book review published on March 4 in the Washington Times by James Antle III: "A lion on the right". The book is "Righteous Warrior: Jesse Helms and the Rise of Modern Conservatism" by William A. Link.

March 3

  • An article by Graham Bowley discussing ethnicity in Sunday's New York Times: "Declaring Something a Lot Like Dependence" There is reference to the Hungarian minority in Slovakia.

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times by Nat Hentoff on the worsening situation in Darfur: "Compasionate Conservatism?"

  • In today's Washington Times an op-ed by Anne Applebaum: "Why Russia Holds 'Elections' ".

February 29

  • Letter to the Editor published in yesterday's Washington Times by Mr. Geza Cseri of McLean, Virginia, former Science and Technology Adviser to the Supreme Commander of NATO. The letter makes reference to the sizable Hungarian minorities whose communal rights are more often than not ignored.

February 28

  • Both Washington papers noted the passing of William F. Buckley, Jr. (1925-2008) with articles and an editorial. In addition, the Washington Post published an op-ed by Mona Charen: "A Profoundly Consequential Life".

  • An article by Jennifer Harper in The Washington Times: "Buckley left his mark on politics".

  • In the Washington Post, Bart Barnes wrote a piece with the title: "Erudite Voice of the Conservative Movement".

February 26

  • An op-ed by Andrew S. Natsios in Sunday's Washington Post: "Why I Think We Can Still Save Darfur".

  • An article in today's Washington Times: "Europe's minority politicians face racism".

  • A book review from last Sunday's Washington Times by J. Ross Baughman: "A lens on Gerald R. Ford" on presidential photographer David Hume Kennerly.

February 19

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post:  "The Consequences of Kosovo".

  • An op-ed by Jon Delano in today's Washington Times:  "Hillary's last stand".

  • A book review by Larry Thornberry in last Sunday's Washington Times. The book is "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning" by Jonah Goldberg, Doubleday, $27.95, 487 p.

February 16

  • An article on the memorial service in Capitol Hill for Congressman Tom Lantos in yesterday's Washington Post.

  • An op-ed by Nat Hentoff from the Washington Times of February 11: "Gen. Bashir's genocide in Darfur".

February 13

  • Letter to the Editor in today's Washington Times by Maximilian Teleki, president of the Hungarian American Coalition.

  • From yesterday's Washington Times an Editorial in honor of Congressman Tom Lantos and a statement by the Hungarian Ambassador Ferenc Somogyi in the Embassy Row column.

February 11

February 4

  • An op-ed by Nat Hentoff in today's Washington Times: "With Beijing support, Bashir continues genocide".

  • In yesterday's Washington Post, an editorial: "Help Wanted in Darfur" 'The Bush Administration Should Put Some Muscle Deploying a Peacekeeping Force'.

  • In Sunday's New York Times, an op-ed by Susan Neiman: "To Resist Hitler and Survive".

January 25

  • An article by David Sands in today's Washington Times: "Serbian deal to give Gazprom further control".
    The article features Tibor Navracsics, leader at the Hungarian Civic Union (FIDESZ).

January 21

  • An obit in the Washington Post of January 16, Charles Tasnadi, 82, photographer of presidents at Associated Press.

  • An article on European defense in today's Washington Times.

  • In the same issue, the Embassy Row column with visitors to Washington, including Tibor Navracsics, leader of FIDESZ (Hungarian Civic Union). On Wednesday, from 12:30 to 2:00 PM,  Mr. Navracsics will deliver a lecture on "Russian Energy & Central Europe" at SAIS.  To RSVP or further information contact: or tel.: 202 663-5795.

January 16

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times by Paul Belien, editor of Brussels Journal, on France's "Sensitive urban areas".

  • In the same issue Helle Dale writes an op-ed with the title: "Fixing Kososvo".

  • In yesterday's Washington Times David Dickson writes a bookreview : "National Suicide".
    The book is "Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Idelogy, and Greed are Tearing America Apart" by Patrick Buchanan, St. Martin's Press, $25.95, 294 p.

January 15

  • From the Washington Times: two op-ed pieces, with the title "How to best push America forward" published January 15, and "Reform Immigration Policy" published on January 16 by Newt Gingrich, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

  • Also, an article from The Wahington Post of January 15: "Bush Trip Revives Israeli Push for Pardon of Spy".

January 14

  • An op-ed by Jackson Diehl in today's Washington Post: "Bush's Diplomatic Amends".

  • An op-ed by former Congressman Lee Hamilton, Director of Center on Congress at Indiana University, in yesterday's Washington Times: "In Search of Balance".

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times by Nat Hentoff: "Darfur Genocide Continues".

January 12

  • An op-ed by columnist Robert J. Samuelson in the Washington Post of January 9: "Promises They Can't Keep".

  • In the same issue an op-ed with the title: "Kenya's Real Problem (It's Not Ethnic)" by M. Steven Fish and Matthew Kroenig, authors of "The Handbook of National Legislatures: A Global Survey".

  • An op-ed in the Washington Times by Uzi Rubin: "Iran naked ambitions" Mr. Rubin was staff member at Israel's Defense Ministry.

January 7

  • An op-ed by Ellen Bork, a human rights worker at Freedom House, in today's Washington Post: "While in Beijing…" 'What a 'Dissident President' Would Do at the Games'.

January 6

  • An op-ed by George McGovern on today's Washington Post: "Why I Believe Bush Must Go".

  • An interview with David Frum, former speechwriter to president Bush in today's New York Times Magazine: "Right Hand Man" by Deborah Solomon.

January 4

  • An article from yesterday's Washington Post: Congressman Tom Lantos announced publicly that will not seek reelection due to illness.

January 2

  • An op-ed by Paul Belien, editor of Brussels Journal, in yesterday's Washington Times: "Election Funding".

  • An op-ed by Moises Naim, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, in yesterday's Washington Post: "A Hunger for America".

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