Noticed in the Press 2007

December 30

  • An op-ed by Peter W. Galbraith in today's Washington Post: "My Friend Died. Now Her Country May Not Make It".

  • From the Washington Times of December 24, an op-ed by Nat Hentoff: "Sudan' genocidal president".

  • From the Washington Post of December 23, a book review by Carl M. Cannon: "The GOP After Bush".
    The book is: "Heroic Conservatism" 'Why Republicans Need to Embrace America's Ideals by Michael Gerson, HarperCollins, $26.95, 302 p.

December 24

  • letter to the editor published in today's Washington Times.
    Merry Christmas to all readers!

December 20

  • An op-ed by Paul Belien in yesterday's Washington Times: "Back in the 'EUSSR' " There is a reference to Hungary in the opinion piece.

November 26

  • An op-ed by Richard Holbrooke from Sunday's Washington Post: "Back to the Brink in the Balkans".

  • From today's Embassy Row column of The Washington Times. A two-day conference on communism at the Embassy of Romania in Washington, DC.

November 21

  • From today's Washington Times Embassy Row column, Janos Horvath, member of parliament of Hungary, honored for his resistance against the Nazis and later against the communists.

  • In the same issue Paul Belien's op-ed: "Democracy and justice under siege" draws parallels of frustrations felt in Hungary and within the European Union.

  • An op-ed by Ruth Marcus in today's Washington Post: "Krugman vs. Krugman"

November 20

  • An opinion piece by Suzanne Fields in yesterday's Washington Times: "The politics of irrational ideology".

  • letter to the editor in the Washington Times of November 17 by Rafael Medoff of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies on the book review by Suzanne Fields on Churchill and the Jews.

  • A book review from The New York Review of Books of October 25, 2007: "The Best Book on Mozart" by Charles Rosen.
    The book is "W.A. Mozart" by Hermann Albert, edited by Cliff Eisen, translated from the German by Stewart Spencer.

November 13

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "Georgia's Leap Backward".

  • An Embassy Row column featuring, Janos Horvath, member of parliament in Hungary, who will be in Washington this week.

  • Letter to the Editor in today's Washington Times with the title "Romanian bias" commenting on an article published on Friday, November 9.

November  8

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum from the Washington Post of November 6: "New Fellow Travelers".

  • An op-ed by Paul Belien in yesterday's Washington Times: "Nazis and Islamists".

  • A book review by William Grimes from The New York Times of October 19 with the title: "The Dictator as a Young Poet-Thug"
    The book is "Young Stalin" by Simon Sebag Montefiore, Alfred A. Knopf, $30, illus. 460 p.

November 7

  •  An op-ed on Burma by U Gambira in the Washington Post of 11-04-07: "What Burma's Junta Must Fear".

  • In the same issue, Fred Kaplan writes an article on U.S. Secretary Condoleezza Rice: "Why Her Dreams Crashed".

  • A book review from last Sunday's Washington Times by Suzanne Fields with the title: "Winston Churchill's philo-Semitism"
    The book is "Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship" by Martin Gilbert, Henry Holt and Company, $30, 359 p.

November 3

  • An editorial in today's Washington Post, comments on the spineless approach of the international community to human rights violations by a corrupt regime supported by other corrupt regimes: "Unbowed in Burma".

  • comment by Victor Hanson on a dishonest and wasteful U.S. subsidy peddled by agribusiness in today's Washington Times: "Mulch the farm bill".

  • An op-ed by Charles Krauthammer on the prospect of spousal co-presidency in the United States, as in Argentina, in Friday's Washington Post: "The Real Hill Bill Problem".

October 31

  • An article by Michael Abramovitz in Monday's Washington Post: "U.S. Promises on Darfur Don't Match Actions".

  • An op-ed by Robert Kagan on the Sunday issue of the Washington Post" "Free Elections come First".

  • comment by Doulas MacKinnon in Monday's Washington Times: "Hillary and Rudy".

October 30

  • An article by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post: "Nature or Nurture"? Well Smart Guy? " on the Jewish IQ, published October 30.

  • An article in the Washington Times of October 30:  "Hillary backed lab of donor".

October 27

  • An article from the Embassy Row column of the Washington Times of October 23: the president of Mongolia endorses an initiative of the Mongolian Ambassador to the United States to erect a statue of Genghis Khan in Washington, DC.

  • In the same issue a comment by columnist Mona Charen: "The Muslim letter to the Pope".

  • From the Washington Times of October 24, an op-ed by Helle Dale with the title: "Pushing paper", a comment on the "democratic deficit" of the European Union.

October 22

  • commentary by Arnold Beichman in today's Washington Times: "Budapest 1956 cast recollect".

October 18

  • An op-ed by Helle Dale in yesterday's Washington Times: "Armenian folly".

  • In today's Washington Post, an op-ed by Maura Moynihan: "Afraid of the Dalai Lama?".

October 16

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "The Future Calling in Estonia" There is reference to the 1956 anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution in Budapest.

  • A book review from Sunday's Washington Times by Frank Perley: "Charting Hillary Clinton's Beliefs".
    The book is: "God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life" by Paul Kengor, Harper, $24.95, 352 p.

October 9

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post: "A Dutch Retreat on Speech?".

  • From the Sunday edition of The Washington Times: A bookreview by Larry Thornberry with the title: "Post-adult Culture in America and its harm."
    The book is: "The Death of the Grown-Up, How America's Arrested Development is Bringing Down Western Civilization" by Diana West. St. Martin's Press, $23.95, 256 p.

  • A book review by Michael Riccards with the title: "A theologian looks at Islam's role in the world". 
    The book is: "Islam: Past, Present and Future" by Hans Kung, Ourworld Publications, $39.95, 1,024 p.

October 7

  • An op-ed by David Broder in today's Washington Post: "Why is this GOP Strategist Smiling?".

  • An article in today's New York Times on the role of the Army in Burma.

  • An article in the same issue: "Rubik's Cube Solved in 10.88 Seconds".

October 6

  • An editorial on the tragedy of Burma in The Washington Times of October 2, 2007: "Bloodied in Burma".

  • An op-ed by Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer in yesterday's issue of the W. Post: "What Sputnik Launched".

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by Masha Lipman: "Putin Cements His Grip".

September 30

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by Yang Jianli on Burma: "Echoes of Tiananmen Square".

September 24

  • From today's Washington Times, an op-ed By Nat Hentoff with the title: "Bush and China's 'Genocide Olympics' "   'The president should stay away from Beijing'.

  • From yesterday's Washington Times an editorial, "Lessons in Learning", cites a study that found that in many colleges and universities the teaching of American history is neglected.

  • A book review with the title: "When Russia expelled its intellectuals, freethinkers" by Martin Rubin.
    The book is "Lenin's Private War: The Voyage of the Philosophy Steamer and the Exile of the Intelligentsia"  by Leslie Chamberlain,  St. Martin's Press, $27.95, 414 p.

September 22

  • An op-ed by Mary Kissel in today's Wall Street Journal with the title: "21st Century Monk" 'Tibet's spiritual leader thanks America for its support'.

  • Nathaniel Rich reviews three books on Pasolini and one by Pasolini, in The New York Review of Books of September 27. 
    The title of the review is "The Passion of Pasolini".

September 21

  • An op-ed by columnist David Broder in yesterday's Washington Post: "Newt's Vision Thing".

September 19

  • In today's Washington Times, the Embassy Row column features the Foreign Minister of Hungary, Kinga Goncz.

  • From yesterday's Washington Post, an op-ed by Anne Applebaum on Putin's Russia.

September 13

  • An op-ed by Richard Rahn in yesterday's Washington Times with the title "Who Pays the Price" There is a reference to Hungary in the opinion piece.

  • In the same issue Paul Belien's op-ed: "Abolish Belgium?".

  • The European Union noise abatement directive has been the subject of articles in the American press. The Washington Times published one article on September 8: "EU hush prompts musical outcry".

September 8

  • From the Washington Post of Thursday, September 6, columnist David Broder's op-ed: "The Making of the Front-Runner".

  • In the same issue, Robert Novak's op-ed: "Advantage Hillary".

  • Helle Dale's op-ed in The Washington Times of Thursday, September 6, with the title: "Putin's ambition".

September 4

  • An article on Secretary Condoleezza Rice in Monday's Washington Post: "Transformed By Her Bond with Bush".

  • An op-ed by Denis MacShane, member of parliament, in today's Washington Post: "The New Anti-Semitism".

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by Anne Applebaum with the title: "Like a Candle in the Wind".

September 3

  • From yesterday's Washington Times, columnist Lawrence Kudlow comments on public expenditures on the second anniversary of hurricane Katrina: "Easier way for the Big Easy"

  • A book review from yesterday's New York Times by Carl M. Cannon, with the title: "Disclosed".
    The book is: "Cheney" 'The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President' by Stephen F. Hayes, HarperCollins Publishers, $27.95, illus. 578 p.

August 29

  • An op-ed by the Ambassador of Poland to the U.S. in today's Washington Post: "The Visa Barrier".

  • From today's Washington Times, Paul Belien comments on Brussels directives: "Europe's jackboot progressives".

  • Cal Thomas's op-ed in the same issue: "Vanishing England".

August 28

  • An article from the Washington Post of Saturday August 25: "Brzezinski Backs Obama".

  • An article in yesterday's Washington Post: "The Outsider's Insider" an article on Peter Rouse, adviser to candidate B. Obama.

  • An article from yesterday's Washington Times, Richard Rahn writes on Mongolia: "A New Asian Tiger?"

August 23

  • A book review by John Weisman from last Sunday's Washington Times with the title "Attacking the CIA". 
    The books are: "Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" by Tim Weiner, Doubleday, $27.95, 702 p. There are references to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
    "Sabotage: America's Enemies Within the CIA" by Rowan Scarborough, Regnery, $27.95, 229 p.

August 14

  • An op-ed by Robert Novak in today's Washington Post: "Karl Rove's Legacy".

August 13

  • An op-ed by Susan Gardner and Markos Moulitsas in last Saturday's Washington Post: "How We Won the Mainstream".

  • An article from yesterday's New York Times, the historical image of Stalin in the new study guide for teachers in Russia.

August 10

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by Michael Gerson: "A Date Certain on Darfur".

  • An op-ed piece from yesterday's Washington Times:
    "A bridge too far gone" is a comment on the bridge collapse in Minnesota by Thomas Sowell.

  • An op-ed also from yesterday's Washington Times:
    "The tax-rate dilemma" by Richard Rahn.

July 17

  • The "Embassy Row" column from yesterday's Washington Times featuring, under the heading 'Diplomatic traffic', the visit of a delegation of the European parliament to Washington. One of the members of that delegation is Jozsef Szajer of Hungary.

July 16

  • An article by William Kristol, editor of "The Weekly Standard" published in yesterday's Washington Post, with the title: "Why Bush Will Be A Winner".

  • From yesterday's New York Times: 'Questions for Robert Novak'  "The Plame Game", an interview by Deborah Solomon.

July 13

  • An article from the Wesley Pruden column of The Washington Times: "Nobody's is picking a church fight".

  • An article from the same issue of The Washington Times, a report by Julia Duin: "Traditional Catholic characteristics fading" with an added brief news item from "Inside Politics" on protesters against an Hindu priest offering morning prayer at the U.S. Senate.

  • An op-ed by Michael Gerson in today's Washington Post: "What Atheists Can't Answer".

July 12

  • An op-ed from yesterday's Washington Times with the title "Voices of America"  by  Helle Dale, Director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

July 9

  • An article from yesterday's Washington Post:  "Our Clueless Intelligence System" by Amy Zegart.

  • An article also from yesterday's Washington Post: "Base to Bush: It's Over" by Byron York, White House correspondent for the "National Review".

  • A book review from yesterday's Washington Times: "Schumpeter's genius, ideas and chaotic personal life" by Marisa Morrison.  The book is:
    "Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction" by Thomas McCraw, Belknap Press, $35, 736p.

July 5

  • An op-ed from today's Washington Post: "A Mob-Rule Moment"  by columnist David Broder.

  • Another op-ed from today's Washington Post: "Sarkozy's Lesson for America" by Newt Gingrich.

July 2

  • An op-ed by Adrian Karatnycky, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and president of the "Orange Circle", an international network promoting democratic reform in Ukraine, published in yesterday's Washington Post.
    The title of the opinion piece is "Escaping Putin's Energy Squeeze".

June 30

  • David Broder in his op-ed "Cheney Unbound" makes reference to a series on Vice President Dick Cheney published by the Washington Post in four parts from Sunday, June 24, to Wednesday, June, 27 by W. Post staff writers Barton Gellman and Jo Becker.
    We are sending the series in four parts are: 
    Part 1. "A Different Understanding with the President". 
    Part 2. "Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power. 
    Part 3. "A Strong Push from Backstage" 
    Part 4. "Leaving No Tracks".

June 28

  • An op-ed by David Broder in today's Washington Post: "Cheney Unbound".

  • An op-ed in yesterday's Washington Post adapted from a speech given on Monday on the Senate floor by Sen. Richard Lugar, of Indiana, ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee: "Beyond Politics in Iraq".

  • commentary by Harlan Ullman in yesterday's Washington Times:
    "Bloomberg-Hagel or vice versa?"

June 26

  • A book review from last Sunday's Washington Times: "A Poisoned Dissident" by Joseph C. Goulden.
    The book is: "The Litvinenko File" by Martin Sixsmith, St. Martin's Press, $24.95, 312 p. illus.

  • A book review from Sunday's New York Book Review: "Whose Orders?" by Richard Evans.
    The book is: "The Years of Extermination" 'Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945' by Saul Friedlander, HarperCollins Publishers, $39.95, 870p.

  • An article from today's Washington Times: "Inside martyrdom" by Joshua Sinai.
    The book is: "The Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers & Their Dispatchers".

June 24

  • An article from the Washington Post of Thursday, June 21: "Gatekeepers of Hillaryland".

  • An article from today's Washington Post, an op-ed by David Broder: "Ready for Bloomberg?"

  • And an article from Jim Hoagland: "For Bush, A Gift from Paris".

June 21

  • An editorial in today's Washington Post: "Visa Bias".

June 20

  • An op-ed by Robert Novak in The Washington Post of June 18: "Bush's Veto Strategy".

  • An op-ed by Paul Belien in today's Washington Times: "The EUSSR".

June 17

  • An article from The New York Review of Books of June 28:
    An exchange on István Deák's article of March 1, "Did the Revolution have to Fail", by Norman Birnbaum and reply by István Deák.

  • An article about "The Polish Witch-Hunt" by Adam Michnik.

  • From today's Washington Times, a book review by Sol Schindler: "How America conducts its foreign policy, future options"
    The book is: "Statecraft and How to Restore America's Standing in the World" by Dennis Ross, Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, $26, 370 p.

June 16

  • The dedication of the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, DC as reported by The Washington Post: "The Toll of Communism" and The Washington Times: "Bush honors victims of communism".

  • Also, an opinion piece by Helle Dale on the above event in the Washington Times of June 14: "A place in the sun".

June 12

  • An op-ed by Robert Novak in yesterday's Washington Post: "Standing by the Wrong Guy".

  • In today's Washington Post, columnist Anne Applebaum's op-edwith the title: "Forgotten Threat".

  • An article from the front page of today's Washington Times: "Statue honors victims of communism" on the upcoming unveiling ceremony of the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, DC.

June 10

  • An op-ed by Elizabeth Drew in the Washington Post of June 9: "Nostalgia for Nixon?"

  • Two book reviews related to Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger:
    review from The New York Times of May 13: "The Odd Couple" by Mark Atwood Lawrence. 
    The book is "Nixon and Kissinger" 'Partners in Power' by Robert Dallek, Harper Collins Publishers, $32.50, 740 p. illus.

  • review from The New York Review of Books of June 28: "Mission to Mao" by Roderick Mac Farquhar.
    The book is "Nixon and Mao: The Week that Changed the World" by Margaret MacMillan, Random House, $27.95, 404 p.

June 6

  • Three commentaries on the never ending tragedy of Darfur.
    Commentary #1 from the Washington Times of June 4: "China is the key to Darfur" by Donna Brazile.

  • Commentary #2 from the Sunday June 3, Washington Post: "Darfur, Saving Itself" by Julie Flint.

  • Commentary #3 by Eric Reeves with: "A Tragedy Straight Out of Shakespeare".

June 3

  • report from today's Washington Times on the economy of Eastern Europe, with the title: "Eastern Europe a victim of its own successes" by William J. Kole.

  • Pablo Gorondi, reporting from Hungary, is one of the contributors to this column of the weekly series 'Briefing-Europe'.

  • report on the May 31 issue of "The Economist" on the Hungarian police:
    "On Cops and Spies".

  • An article from The New York Review of Books issue of June 14, William Pfaff revisits the recent presidential elections in France: "In Sarkoland".

May 31

  • report from today's Washington Post by Dana Milbank on the performance of the Ambassador of Sudan at the press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The title: "Denying Genocide in Darfur – And Americans Their Coca-Cola".

  • From yesterday's Washington Post, an op-ed by Robert Samuelson: "A Full Tank of Hypocrisy".

  • Letters to the Editor of the New York Times of May 29, with the general heading: "Can We Afford Our Oil Gluttony? (6 Letters)" The author of the fifth letter is Béla Lipták, of Stamford, Connecticut, who is editor of the "Environmental Engineers' Handbook".

May 27

  • An op-ed by Hanna Rosin in The Washington Post of May 25: "The New Establishment" 'How Evangelicals Became Part of Washington's Fabric'.

  • An op-ed by Sean Connery in the Washington Post of May 26: "Making History in Scotland".

  • The obituary of Philip M. Kaiser, who was appointed Ambassador to Hungary by president Jimmy Carter. He had a "key role in persuading the Carter administration to return the Crown of St. Stephen to Hungary in 1978".

May 24

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum from Tuesday's Washington Post: "For Estonia and NATO, A New Kind of War".

  • From today's Washington Times, an op-ed by Milorad Dodik, prime minister of the Republic of Srpska: "Looking toward tomorrow".

  • From the same issue, London-based correspondent Ronan Thomas comments on Anglo-Russian relations: "Chill winds over Europe".

May 20

  • From today's Washington Post an article on the new leadership of three key countries of the European Union: "New Leadership Trio Could Put Europe Back on Political Map".

  • In the same issue, an article on presidential candidate Chris Dodd: "Sen. Dodd Aspires to Reach Top Tier".

  • From The New York Review of Books, a book review with the title: "Winning a Gamble with Communism" by Robert Skidelsky. The book is "By Force of Thought: Irregular Memoirs of an Intellectual Journey" by János Kornai MIT Press, $40, p. 461.

May 19

  • An article from the World Briefings series published in last Sunday's Washington Times, focusing on France: "France braces for reforms under Sarkozy".

  • An op-ed on Darfur by Austin Bay in yesterday's Washington Times: "Ending Darfur's genocide".

  • In the same issue', a Gala marking the 25th anniversary of The Washington Times, featuring former president George H. W. Bush.

May 17

  • From the Washington Post of May 15, an op-ed by Anne Applebaum with the title: "The Riddle that is Blair".

May 13

  • An op-ed from yesterday's Washington Times by Terence P.
    Jeffrey: 'Sarko, the American'.

  • An article from yesterday's New York Times: the obituary of Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. "an economic historian who revolutionized the writing of business history." Was author of "The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business" [1977].

  • A book review from today's Washington Times by William F. Gavin with the title: "Celebrating the influential, non-elected political guru". The book is "Strictly Right: William F. Buckley, Jr. and The American Conservative Movement" by Linda Bridges and John R. Coyne, Jr. Willey, $27.95, 358p. illus.

May 9

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post of May 8: "Farewell, Jacques Chirac".

  • Two op-ed pieces from today's Washington Times on the presidential election in France.
    The first article is "Europe's best hope"  'A new day in France' by Paul Belien, editor of the Brussels Journal.

  • The second op-ed is by Helle Dale of the Heritage Foundation, with the title: "Sarkozy's victory"  'A new relationship with Europe?'

May 6

  • A special report from today's Washington Times:  "Internet technology uprooting campaign stump".

  • book review also from today's Washington Times:
    "The China Fantasy: How Our Leaders Explain Away Chinese Repression" by James Mann by Viking, $ 19.95, 127 p. The review "Seeing China as it is not" is by Steven W. Mosher.

  • Another book review from today's Washington Times: "In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India" by Edward Luce, Doubleday, $26, 383 p. The review entitled "Unraveling India" is by Ernest W. Lefever.
    At the end of the piece, the reviewer makes a reference to 'an…eager young communist in Budapest in June 1948'.

May 2

  • From Monday's Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl writes an op-ed with the title: "A Lasting Freedom Agenda" There is reference to a human rights meeting in Prague in June 4-6.

  • From yesterday's Washington Post, Anne Applebaum's op-ed: "Sarkozy's New Europeans".

  • From yesterday's New York Times, an op-ed by Nuhu Ribadu of Nigeria: "Why Wolfowitz Should Stay".

April 30

  • An article entitled from the New York Times of Sunday, April 22: "Affordable Europe: Budapest".

  • A book review in yesterday's Washington Times by William A. Hay: "Foreign policy expert was revered but misunderstood"
    The book is "George Kennan: A Study of Character" by John Lukacs, Yale Univesrity Press, $26, 224p.

April 29

  • The passing of two public figures with a strong connection to Washington, in addition to, respectively, Moscow and Hollywood, as published in yesterday's Washington Post.
    An article by Tim Page: "Rostropovich Passion Was Music. His Forte Was Life".

  • There is a reference to Hungarian-born conductor Antal Doráti (1906-1988), who was Music Director of the National Simphony from 1970 to 1977.
    An op-ed by Matt Gerson: "What Jack Valenti Taught Us All".

April 28

  • An Embassy Row column from yesterday's Washington Times featuring Imre Szekeres, defense minister of Hungary and Ambassador Andras Simonyi.

  • From yesterday's Washington Post, an op-ed by columnist Charles Krauthammer: "Boris the Liberator, RIP".

April 26

  • An op-ed by Robert Novak in today's Washington Post: "Bush's Barricade".

  • In the same issue columnist David Broder's op-ed with the title:
    "The Democrats' Gonzales".

  • From the  'Inner Loop' column of the April 25 Washington Post,  Al Kamen's piece: "Wolfowitz's Well Travelled Travails".

April 25

  • Two op-ed pieces from today's Washington Times commenting on the two contenders in the French presidential elections. Paul Belien's opinion piece elaborates a little on the Hungarian ancestry of Nicolas Sarkozy.  "Sarkozy vs. Royal" by Paul Belien, editor of ''Brussels Journal''.

  • An article entitled "C' est la vie" by Helle Dale, Director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

  • From today's Washington Post, an op-ed by Masha Lipman: "Yeltsin the Revolutionary".

April 24

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post with the title: "Russia's Agent of Change".

  • An article on a puzzle published in The Washington Times of today: "Worker bees take off".

April 23

  • An op-ed by Rachel Ehrenfeld in today's Washington Times: "Ukranian premier outlines plans for the future" 'The Washington Times' exclusive interview with Viktor Yanukovich'.

  • An article also from The Washington Times: "France faces stark presidential choice".

  • An op-ed by Peter Kovacs in today's Washington Post: "It's Not Just Pet Food".

April 22

  • An op-ed published on Saturday April 21 in The Washington Post by Moises Naim, editor in chief of the Foreign Affairs magazine: "Democracy Dangerours Impostors".

  • report in today's Washington Times by Andrew Borowiec: "Communism still haunts newest EU members" within the series of World Briefings focusing on Europe.

  • report on the return of Dr. Charles Simonyi from Korolyov, Russia, from his space travel in today's Washington Times column "Briefly".

April 20

  • From the Washington Post of April 19, an update on Darfur.

  • An article on Nicolas Sarkozy in the same issue: "French Front-Runner's American Style".

  • An editorial on the upcoming French elections from The Washington Times of April 19.

April 18

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post: "Two Protests, One Sign of Hope".

  • Today's Embassy Row column from The Washington Times, featuring Mrs. Ibolya David, president of the Hungarian Democratic Forum.

April 16

  • An article in yesterday's Sunday magazine of the New York Times, featuring Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • In today's Embassy Row column of The Washington Times, foreign visitors to Washington include Ibolya David, member of parliament of Hungary and president of the Hungarian Democratic Forum.

April 15

  • An article on an Embassy Row demonstrator, Mr. Start Loving, on a hunger strike for Darfur from The Washington Post of April 14, 2007.

  • An article on the new book by Pope Benedict XVI from yesterday's Washington Times: "Pope's book sees capitalism as 'cruel'."

  • An exchange on 1956 in The New York Review of Books of April 26, 2007 by Geza Jeszenszky and Istvan Deak.

April 13

  • An op-ed by Sen. Joseph Biden in yesterday's Washington Post: "The Real Surge Story".

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times by W.L. Miller and Congressman Tom Lantos: "Remembering the Holocaust".

  • An article also from today's Washington Times: China overtakes the United States as second-largest exporter of the world.

April 11

  • An op-ed by Helle Dale in The Washington Times: "Abject diplomacy".

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by Newt Gingrich and Robert Egge: "Health care re-gifting".

  • book review from The New Yorker of April 2: "The Rebels" by Sándor Márai. The review is by Arthur Phillips.

April 9

  • An op-ed by Robert D. Novak from today's Washington Post: "Worse than Apartheid?

  • An article on flares from the sun that may affect navigational devices, such as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) from yesterday's Washington Post.

  • An update on Dr. Charles Simonyi space travel in Sunday's Washington Post. A similar report was published by The Washington Times.

April 8

  • An op-ed from today s New York Times by Demetrios, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, with the title: More than Easter in Common.

April 7

  • book review from today's Washington Times with the title: "Jackson's relation with slaves" by Martha Boltz.  The book is "Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man's Friend" by Richard G. Williams, Jr. Cumberland House Publishing, $20.95, 224p.

  • letter to the editor by Tom Lantos, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee, with the heading "Nancy Pelosi's Travels" in response of a Washington Post editorial of April 5 "Pratfall in Damascus" 'Nancy Pelosi's foolish shuttle diplomacy'.

  • From today's New York Times, a report on Dr. Charles Simonyi's travel plans: "On the Launching Pad: A $20 Million Childhood Dream" by John Schwartz.

April 5

  • An article from the International Herald Tribune co-authored by Charles Gati and Heather Conley with the title: "Backsliding in Central Europe" published on Tuesday, April 3, 2007.

April 1

  • commentary by columnist Arnaud de Borchgrave in today's Washington Times: EU at 50: Listless?

  • From today's Washington Post: In Reconciling Its Past, Poland is Divided Anew. The article makes a reference to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

  • In the same issue, an op-ed by David Broder: Presidential Spring Training.

March 27

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post commenting on Europe at 50.

  • A new book on president Ronald Reagan by Prof John P. Diggins in today's Washington Times.

March 26

  • An op-ed by Charles Krauthammer in last Friday's Washington Post: "Unnecessary Scandal."

  • An op-ed by Arnold Beichman in yesterday's Washington Times: "The Communist who couldn't."

March 22

  • An op-ed by Robert Novak in today's Washington Post on the Wilson affair: "Was She Covert?".

  • An op-ed by Radek Sikorski, former defense minister of Poland, in yesterday's Washington Post: "Don't Take Poland for Granted".

  • Also in yesterday's Post, columnist Robert Samuelson,comments on the complexities of the climate change: "Hollywood's Climate Follies".

March 18

  • An article by Paul Belien, editor of the Brussels Journal, with the title "Islamicization of Antwerp" from The Washington Times of March 14.

  • In today's New York Times an article on refugees from Darfur: "Sudanese in Israel Hope They Have Found a Home" by Dina Kraft.

  • On occasion of the publication of the third and final volume of "C.S. Lewis collected letters" by Walter Hooper, Lewis' literary executor, James E. Pearson wrote the review entitled "C.S. Lewis in his letters" in today's Washington Times.

March 16

  • commentary by Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, from The Washington Times of March 15: "The numbers on moral decline".

  • In the same issue, and op-ed by Rachel Ehrenfeld and John Wood: "Funding terror".

  • A brief report from today's New York Times: "Protests Mar Celebrations in Hungary".

March 14

  • An article on the possible candidacy of Newt Gingrich for president in 2008 in today's Washington Times: "Specter of Gingrich looms in GOP race".

  • The observations of Robert Hardi, a doctor from Hungary, who lives in the Washington area, as published in the March 11 Sunday edition of the Washington Post : "Gimme That Old Can-Do Spirit".

  • An op-ed and book review by Sol Schindle "Sarkozy's Testimony" in yesterday's Washington Times.
    The book reviewed is "Testimony" by Nicolas Sarkozy, translated from the French by Philip H. Gordon, Pantheon Books, $26, 266p.

March 12

  • An op-ed by Masha Lipman on Putin's Russia from Saturday's Washington Post.

  • An op-ed by columnist Robert Novak on Hillary Clinton in today's Washington Post.

  • book review by Eamon Duffy, Professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Cambridge, with the title: "Early Christian Impresarios" from the March 29 edition of The New York Review of Books.
    The books are:
    "Christianity and the Transformation of the Book: Origen, Eusebius, and the Library of Cesarea" by Anthony Grafton and Megan Williams, Belknap Press-Harvard University Press, $29.95, 367 p.
    "The Monk and the Book: Jerome and the Making of Christian Scholarship by Megan Hale Williams, University of Chicago Press, $45.00, 315 p.

March 9

  • An op-ed by columnist Robert D. Novak in the March 8 issue of the Washington Post: "A Verdict on the Wilson Affair"

  • The same subject is also commented in an article by Charles Krauthammer in the March 9 issue of the Washington Post with the title: "Fitzgerald's Folly"

  • An op-ed by Barry Casselman in today's Washington Times: "Newt, Mario, Lincoln and Douglas" A civil political debate at the historic hall of Cooper Union in New York City.

March 5

  • An op-ed by Jackson Diehl in today's Washington Post: "The House's Ottoman Agenda"

  • In the same issue an op-ed by Leonard Rubenstein: "Doctors Without Refuge"

  • commentary by Washington Times columnist Richard Rahn: "Economic liberty and Islam"

February 21

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in yesterday's Washington Post: "Our Strange Devotion to the Kremlin"

  • Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson writes today on international finance: "Storm Cloud at the Global Bazaar?"

  • An article from today's Washington Times: "Propagating terror" 'U.S. lenient on extremists' money trails' by Rachel Ehrenfeld. The writer is director of the American Center for Democracy.

February 19

  • An op-ed by Jackson Diehl in today's Washington Post: "Can a Saudi Dealmaker Rescue Bush?"

  • Columnist Robert D. Novak in the same issue comments on Rep. John P. Murtha with an op-ed: "Murtha in Command"

  • From today's Washington Times an article on Ronald Reagan: "How Hollywood produced a president" A commentary by Paul Kengor author of "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism" Harper Collins 2006.
    The author mentions that in one of the "GE Theatre" episodes Reagan made an appeal on February 3, 1957 to the American public to send donations to the Hungarian refugees in Austria.

February 16

  • An editorial on the continuing tragedy of Darfur from the Washington Times of February 15.

  • An op-ed by Washington Post columnist David Broder with the title: "Bush Regains His Footing"

  • The obituary of Dr. Bruce Metzger, bible scholar and translator of the New Testament from the original Greek, as published in the New York Times of February 16. Was emeritus professor of New Testament language and literature at Princeton Theological Seminary. Supervised and introduced in 1990 the New Revised Standard Version used by many Protestants, Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians.

February 14

  • An op-ed by Helle Dale in today's Washington Times: "Putin's ravings" 'Soviet Union' hungers for days of old'.

  • commentary by Ariel Cohen in the same issue: "Confronting Putin's push".

  • Steven Pearlstein comments on the increasing cost of health care in the U.S. in the business section of The Washington Post of today: "Adding Up the Reasons for Expensive Health Care".

February 13

  • An article from today's Washington Times with the title: "Europe's Muslims find ally in U.S." 'New post fights 'nativist surge', featuring Daniel Fried, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "A Good Place to Have Aided Democracy"

  • The obituary of Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, an innovator of family therapy, from The New York Times.

February 12

  • An op-ed by Robert D. Novak with the title: "Not Sold on Clinton".

  • An op-ed by Richard Holbrooke: "Opportunity for Turks and Kurds?"

  • A front page article in today's Washington Post, "Notoriety of President Morales Roils Area's Bolivian Community".  The report is by Post staff writers Pamela Constable and Karin Brulliard.

February 11

  • An op-ed from the Washington Post on the U.S. budget by columnist David Broder: "Happy Talk in Bush's Budget"

  • A book review from the New York Review of Books by Professor István Deák with the title: "Did the Revolution Have to Fail?
    If you would like to read a copy, please visit:

February 7

  • Two op-ed pieces from Anne Applebaum and Robert Samuelsonin the Washington Post on global warming.

  • Also, an op-ed by Ruth Marcus on the AMT tax aimed to tax wealth decades ago, but increasingly affecting the less well off.

February 5

  • An op-ed by Sebastian Mallaby in today's Washington Post: "A Palace for Sudan" ' China No-Strings Aid Udermines the West'.

  • In the same issue an op-ed on student loans by Michael Dannenberg and Phillip Longman: "A Bid for Better Student Loans".

  • An article from Sunday's New York Times: "The Netherlands, the New Tax Shelter Hot Spot" by L. Browing.

January 31

  • An editorial from the January 30 edition of The Washington Post: "China and Sudan" 'President Hu can bring relief to Darfur – if he wants to."

  • An op-ed by Igor Khrestion and Ilya Bourtman in The Washington Times of January 30 with the title "Power Play" 'Russia's gas move aids Ukraine'.
    The authors argue that the former Soviet states like Ukraine should "liberalize their economies and move away from energy-intensive industries where they hold no comparative advantage"

  • In the same issue, an opinion piece by Arnaud de Borchgrave entitled: "Billionaire Boom"

January 27

  • An article featuring former Gov. George Pataki from The New York Times: "Pataki Opposes More Troops Unless Iraquis Do Their Part".

  • An op-ed by Robert Samuelson from The Washington Post of January 24: "Blindness on Biofuels".

  • An article on the commute of Gabor Horchler from The Washington Post of Sunday January 21 with the title: "A Commute Over Troubled Water" Mr. Hochler is the father of two girl scouts of the "Batori Jozsef" Number 4 Hungarian Scout Troop of the Washington Area.

January 25

  • An op-ed by Helle Dale in yesterday's Washington Times: "Visa reform".

  • An op-ed on China by Elizabeth Economy in today's Washington Post.

  • Robert Novak writes an article in the same issue: "The Democrats' Rude Rebuff".

January 23

  • An op-ed by Anne Aplebaum from today's Washington Post: "Wisdom in Exile"

  • book review by Larry Thornberry with the title "Morality & economics" in today's Washington Times. The book is "On the Wealth of Nations" by PJ O'Rourke, Atlantic Monthly Press, $21.95, 256p.

January 22

  • An op-ed by Nat Hentoff in today's Washington Times: "Genocide continues in Darfur".

  • From the World Briefings series of the Washington Times featuring a project by Jonathan Brent at Yale University: "Exposing the communist annals" The report is by Stephen Singer.

  • An op-ed by Jackson Diehl in today's Washington Post: "Rice's Rethoric, in Full Retreat.

January 21

  • An op-ed by David Ignatius from the Washington Post of January 19: "Cheney's Enigmatic Influence".

  • From the Washington Times of January 19 an op-ed by Elbridge Colby and Kate Heinzelman with the title: "Intelligence reform crossroads".

  • An article from the Washington Post with the title: "Putting the Brakes on Light Speed" 'Researchers Slow Waves While Maintaining their Ability to Carry Information'.

January 18

  • An op-ed on Iraq by David Broder today's Washington Post.

  • In the same issue, an op-ed on the GOP by Robert Novak.

January 17

  • An article from today's Washington Post on the ever growing list of candidates for president in 2008.

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Times on American diplomacy by Helle Dale.

  • call to invest in basic research for defense co-authored by Newt Gingrich also in today's Washington Times.

January 16

  • An article from last Sunday's Washington Post on the Republican minority in the House.

  • An op-ed by Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post: "Ending an Opium War"

  • book review published in the op-ed section of today's Washington Times by A.G. Gancarsk with the title: "Reagan and G.E." The book is "The Education of Ronald Reagan: The General Electric Years and the Untold Story of His Conversion to Conservatism" by Thomas Evans, Columbia University Press, $29.50, 302 p.

January 15

  • An op-ed by Zbigniew Brzezinski commenting on the administration's policy on Iraq from the Washington Post of January 12.

  • letter to the editor published in the Washington Times of January 13 by Frank Koszorus, Jr. in response to the January 2 article "Pontiff-to-be helped thousands of Hungary's Jews".

  • The obituary of mathematician Martin D. Kruskal, as published in the New York Times of January 13. Among other work developed with George Szekeres a system for describing black holes in space, known as the Kruskal-Szekeres coordinates.

January 11

  • An op-ed in today's Washington Post by Stephen Rademaker on Darfur with the title: "Unwitting Party to Genocide".

  • An op-ed by Robert D. Novak also in today's Washington Post with the title: "The Mess at State".

  • An article from the January 2 issue of The Washington Times with the title: "Pontiff-to-be helped rescue thousands of Hungary's Jews".

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