New Town Hall Inaugurated in Vámosújfalu

Washington, D.C. – Townspeople gathered in Vámosújfalu, in Eastern Hungary, to celebrate the June 16 inauguration of their newly built town hall. The new building complex was funded partly by an $80,000 grant administered by the Hungarian American Coalition.

Last Saturday’s ceremony featured the building’s inauguration by Dr. Béla Hajós, Deputy State Secretary of the Hungarian Ministry of Transport and Water, followed by a blessing by the local priest and ministers. Messrs. Ferenc Koncz and Ferenc Ódor, Members of Parliament, and András Ludányi and Zsolt Szekeres of the Hungarian American Coalition’s Executive Committee were also in attendance.

In his remarks, Vámosújfalu Mayor Endre Sándor thanked the Coalition for its support of the reconstruction project: without the grant, he said, the town hall could not have been rebuilt. Mr. Ludányi, speaking on behalf of the Coalition, stated: “The Hungarian American Coalition is proud of the opportunity to be able to contribute to the rebuilding and by this means to declare the solidarity not only of the Hungarian American community, but of all Hungarians.”

The full day of festivities gathered all segments of the town’s population of 900 people, including performances by schoolchildren, the local choir, folk dance group and the target shooting and soccer teams.

The original public administration building of Vámosújfalu was totally destroyed last Spring by massive flooding which devastated the area. The Coalition’s grant stems from a major contribution by an anonymous donor to the Coalition’s Flood Victims’ Relief Fund.

The Hungarian American Coalition is a nationwide non-profit organization that promotes public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues.

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