American Hungarian Foundation

Celebrate the contributions, traditions, stories, history, heritage and culture that American Hungarians have contributed to the American way of life since 1776. In 1989, the Foundation opened the Hungarian Heritage Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A symbol of Hungary in America, the building designed by AHF Board member architect Laszlo Papp, includes a museum, library and archive facility. Through our museum, library, archives, lecture series, crafts workshops and other educational programs and alliances, the AHF is the center of excellence for enabling cultural discovery, supporting research and enhancing the understanding and appreciation of the Hungarian heritage in America for future generations.

Contact person: Ms. Melissa Katkó Pepin

Address: 300 Somerset Street, PO Box 1084, New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Office: 732.846.5777

Fax: 732.249.7033