János Perge

I was born and raised in Nograd County, Hungary. After earning a neuroscience PhD in the Netherlands, I came to the US to do research at Ivy League schools. About six years ago I switched to industry as a data scientist: currently I create applications of artificial intelligence for financial services, recently for fintech.

I married a wonderful Taiwanese lady, and we are blessed with two children, Marcus and Mira. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into with learning Chinese, but at the dinner table we speak three languages— English, Hungarian and Mandarin.

Playing violin has been my hobby since childhood, so about ten years ago a few of us formed a Hungarian folk band in New York: Fenyes Banda. We have been actively playing at Hungarian Tanchaz events mostly in Manhattan or around New York. Once we even played with a well known Hungarian band of the Tanchaz movement, the Muzsikas Band! I believe that playing for the dancers is not just an entertainment but a form of preserving culture and heritage of the Hungarian diaspora.

I am President of the Hungarain Society of Massachusetts since March 2022.