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Hungarian Review Publishes Fifth 2012 Issue

Washington, DC – The “Hungarian Review”, the English-language affiliate of the bi-monthly journal Magyar Szemle, edited by Gyula Kodolányi, has published its September 2012 issue.  This important edition gives comprehensive overview of the current political situation in Hungary in English language.  As the editors of the periodical write in the introductory article:

“In this September issue of HR, three economists, Zoltán Pogátsa, László Csaba, and Péter Ákos Bod argue, from different starting points, for what Péter Bod calls the “anchor” of a strong currency, and against those players in the economy who may be toying with the devaluation of the Hungarian forint.[…]

The English conservative philosopher Roger Scruton, in conversation with Ferenc Hörcher, offers a rather different vision of an anchor in these turbulent times: the nation-state. He anchors himself firmly among the supporters of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, as a champion of that much-maligned institution.[…]

In the last two months in Hungary, much of the foreground of public debate has been devoted to the highly emotive case of László Csatáry, the 97-year-old former Hungarian policeman, now under investigation for alleged war crimes in 1944. Nick Thorpe’s introductory essay outlines both the Hungarian wartime and post-war context, while the judicial machinery in three countries ground forwards.. […]

The dimensions of that Revolution, and its international significance as the only armed civil uprising against Soviet totalitarianism are shown in John O’Sullivan’s interpretation of Hungary’s history in the Cold War – which ended with Hungary’s central role, with Poland and Czechoslovakia, in the velvet revolutions of 1989.[…]”

The Hungarian Review has been published since 1991 by the BL Nonprofit Kft in Budapest, Hungary.  Currently, eleven issues of the Hungarian Review (from 2010, 2011 and 2012) can be ordered from; or directly from the publisher; or by calling the Coalition office in Washington.

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