Hungarian Culture Club

The Hungarian Club was incorporated in May of 1935 as a Social Club for members of Hungarian descent. They are located in a 1-square mile town called Fairport Harbor, on the banks of Lake Erie. Many of the residents of their town immigrated here from Hungary in the 1930’s in search of work and settled here with their families. The town currently has about 3,500 residents, with the majority of them being of Hungarian and Finnish descent. The Hungarian Culture Club sits on the banks of the Grand River near the mouth of Lake Erie. The original building was smaller and did not allow for too much growth. In 2003, they built a new building that consisted of a members hall and also a hall that was available to rent for parties and functions. They currently have 829 active members. They have various functions throughout the year that our members really enjoy.

Contact person: Ms. Angela Broski

Address: 633 High St. Fairport Harbor, OH 44077

Office: 440-354-4224