Hungarian (Magyar) Club of Chicago

The  Hungarian (Magyar) Club of Chicago is a nonprofit organization, established in 1922, licensed in Illinois.  Its purpose is to nurture the Hungarian cultural heritage of its members, to represent it in the American society, to participate in the activities of other Hungarian-American organizations, to organize Hungarian cultural and social programs,  to help Hungarian groups and individuals with their needs, to provide scholarships for young Hungarian Americans, to facilitate exchange programs with the Old Country, and to provide expertise and financial support  to Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. Every year they commemorate March 15th and October 23rd, hold a picnic in the latter half of the summer, and organize a Christmas celebration for children of Hungarian descent.  In January  they organize a fundraising dinner.  On several occasions every year, they have lectures and reports by prominent visitors and cultural programs.

Contact person: Andrea Stetz