Hungarian American Coalition Welcomes Three New Organizational Members

Washington, DC – Last week the Executive Committee of the Hungarian American Coalition (Coalition) approved the application request of three new organizational members: the Béla Bartók Hungarian School of Boston (“Boskola”), the Hungarian Society of Massachusetts from Boston, and the Hungarian American Cultural Center in Detroit, Michigan.

The Béla Bartók Hungarian School of Boston – Boskola for short – is an extracurricular school with all-volunteer teaching and administrative staff, whose mission is to enrich the Hungarian language skills and cultural appreciation of children between the ages of 3 and 18. Boskola was established in 2000 and has grown consistently since then. It is currently made up of over 100 students from 70 families, with the students grouped into classes among ten teachers according to their age and language skills. For more information:

The Hungarian Society of Massachusetts, Inc., is a non-profit, cultural organization which deliberately dissociates itself from partisan politics. Membership is open to individuals of all ideologies, religions and ethnic backgrounds who abide by the Society’s by-laws, and who desire to foster the Hungarian language and culture. The Hungarian Society of Massachusetts was founded in 1964. In the mid 1960’s they established a weekend school for Hungarian children, where volunteers taught 20-30 children to read and write in Hungarian. In 2000, the weekend Hungarian school was reestablished as the Béla Bartók Hungarian School of Boston. Many of Boskola’s students are also members of the Society’s scout troop. For more information:

The Hungarian American Cultural Center (HACC) was founded in 1978 in Detroit, Michigan, by Hungarians fleeing Hungary after the Revolution of 1956. In 1981, the organization started to build a 5,000 square feet cultural center, which was opened in 1984. HACC organizes numerous cultural events throughout the year, such as Hungarian picnics, dance performances, or bake sales at Easter and Christmas. The Cultural Center also operates a Hungarian restaurant, which is open on Friday evenings and on Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. Children can take Hungarian folk dance lessons on Friday nights. For more information:

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