Hungarian American Coalition Supports Medical Research And Education In Hungary

Washington, DC – The Hungarian American Coalition on July 1st, 2002 signed grant agreements with two Hungarian medical foundations, the Balassa János Sebészeti Alapítvány and the Korányi Sándor Alapítvány. The agreements will provide funding for medical research and modernization of health care instruction. Each foundation will receive a grant of $30,000 to fund medical and educational research projects in the coming years.

The Grant Agreements were signed by Zsolt Szekeres, Coalition Treasurer; Dr. László Harsányi, on behalf of the Balassa János Sebészeti Alapítvány; and Dr. Rudolf de Chatel for the Korányi Sándor Alapítvány.

The grants were made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Charles Simonyi, a leading software developer for Microsoft Corporation.

The Hungarian American Coalition is a nationwide non-profit organization that promotes public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues.

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