Hungarian American Coalition Supports Film on 1956 „Torn From The Flag” Documents Hungarian Revolution

Washington, DC – In August 2005, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian American Coalition approved a draft resolution of the Coalition’s Committee on the 50th Anniversary of 1956, authorizing the Coalition to support “Torn from the Flag” produced by Klaudia Kovacs, a full-length documentary on the Hungarian revolution of October 1956. The resolution further states that the Coalition will use its resources to help with fundraising in the United States and in Hungary.

The Coalition has already forwarded its grant to the project in the amount of $25,000. Coalition members have already donated significant amounts to the project, but this resolution allows the Coalition to seek grants and donations from other sources in the United States and in Hungary.

„Torn from the Flag” is a feature-length, English-language, educational documentary film about the events and international ramifications of the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956. The film is being produced to honor the 50th anniversary in 2006.

The documentary presents the events not only through the eyes of Hungarian freedom fighters, former political prisoners, secret police and communist functionaries, but also foreign citizens who participated and witnessed the events. These participants include Russian soldiers, Marine guards at the U.S. Embassy, United Nations officials, CIA agents and foreign students. The Coalition hopes the documentary’s special on concurrent events outside of Hungary during the revolution will highlight the significance of Hungarian Revolution to the later collapse of totalitarian regimes of Communist dictatorships, which ruled the region until 1989.

The Hungarian American Coalition urges its membership and supporters to contribute generously to make this project a reality.

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