Hungarian American Coalition Successfully Completes USAID Funded Casemapping Education Project

The Hungarian American Coalition has successfully completed a United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”) funded health care educational project. The grant provided seven Hungarian hospitals with improved quality and financial management tools. More than 150 professionals from 17 Hungarian hospitals participated in the sessions.

The Casemapping Education Project for Hungarian Hospitals was an extended effort integrating the increasingly popular clinical pathways’ techniques and financial cost management methods used in the United States. “In the United States, these have generally been separate undertakings and hospitals have not been getting the combined value of these approaches,” said George J. Pogan, FACHE, MS.HYG, the Project Director. The project consultants taught the use of these techniques to professional staff in the seventeen hospitals using the latest studies from the United States and a “Guidebook” developed by the consultants.

“The preliminary results from the first two hospitals to use the techniques, the Flor Ferenc Hospital in Kistarca and the Katai Gabor Hospital in Karcag, proved to be excellent and served as the basis for expanding the project to additional hospitals,” reported Geoffrey Liss, MBA., the Project’s financial consultant. The use of the casemapping techniques while reducing the pharmacy and length of stay costs, improved clinical services by selecting the more appropriate drugs, eliminating unnecessary procedures, and refining the scheduling and coordination of services for the patient.

An added benefit has been the improved communication among the health professionals involved with the patient. “While we have tried to use some of these techniques, casemapping provides the framework for us to help manage the care and the costs associated with the care and rehabilitation of the patient more efficiently” stated Dr.Éva Lengyel, Associate Medical Director at the National Medical Rehabilitation Institute in Budapest.

The two day seminars were held in Csorna, Szombathely, Debrecen, Karcag and Budapest.

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