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Hungarian American Coalition Receives $114,000 Grant from the Cultural Foundation for Transylvania

Washington, DC – The Hungarian American Coalition (Coalition) has received a grant of $114,000 from the Cultural Foundation for Transylvania (CFT). The Coalition will disburse the funds in the form of grants for cultural and educational purposes in Transylvania.

CFT was established in 1989 in Washington, DC, by Ilona Győrffy, András Ábrahám and András Hanák. CFT’s purpose is to support Transylvanian cultural projects such as exhibits and art performances, book and periodical publishing, and other forms of art, and to provide fellowships to support cultural endeavors in Transylvania.

After Mrs. Győrffy passed away, CFT’s Board decided to close down the foundation. In the summer of 2017, the Coalition signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with CFT, whereby the Coalition will implement cultural projects in Transylvania in accordance with decisions made by the Board of Directors of both organizations.

The first such project has been approved: to accept the extensive specialized library of Mr. Daniel Lövy, a DC-based Holocaust researcher originally from Kolozsvár (Cluj), and to cover the costs of transporting it to the Jewish Community in Cluj, a non-profit organization.  The library is composed of 1,850 volumes and about 1,000 CDs and other materials related to the Holocaust in Kolozsvár (Cluj), Oradea, Northern Transylvania, and other parts of Europe.

In 2018, the Coalition leadership will work with CFT to select further grantees to disburse all remaining funds.

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