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Hungarian American Coalition Makes Books Available Through

The Hungarian American Coalition is making selected books and periodicals available on, the popular online retailer of books.  Books listed on the Coalition’s website can now be also obtained at Amazon.  These items are the following:

The “Hungarian Review”, the English-language affiliate of the bi-monthly journal Magyar Szemle, edited by Gyula Kodolányi.  It has been published since 1991 by the BL Nonprofit Kft in Budapest, Hungary.  Currently, five issues of Hungarian Review (from 2010 and 2011) can be ordered from  The Hungarian Review is also available by subscription at the journal’s own website at:

Other publications currently available:

The travel guide book “Out and About in Hungary”, published by Well-Press Publishing, Budapest, fills a gap in the market of English-language travel guides on Hungary, and is also a great gift for non-Hungarian speakers who plan to visit Hungary.

The book “56 Stories”, and its Hungarian version “56 történet”, a collection of personal testimonials from participants in and observers of the 1956 Revolution of Hungary.  The book was published by Lauer Learning, a multimedia company focusing on Hungarian and American educational issues, in cooperation with the Hungarian American Coalition, and edited by Edith K. Lauer, Chairman Emerita of the Coalition, and Andrea Lauer Rice, Vice President.  The book contains 56 personal stories, each of which provides a different perspective or a unique personal recollection about 1956, through the eyes of Hungarian-Americans.

All available publications can be found here.

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