Hungarian American Coalition Grants $52,100 to Support the Production of “Torn From The Flag”, a Documentary Film on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Washington, D.C. – The Hungarian American Coalition (Coalition) implemented a successful fundraising campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, to provide support for “Torn from the Flag,” a full-length, English-language documentary film on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, produced by Klaudia Kovacs. As a result, the Coalition provided $52,100 to the film project’s total budget of $500,000.

Pledges for an additional $13,900 have been received by the Coalition, and further efforts are underway to secure the remaining $100,000 required for the completion of “Torn from the Flag.”

In August 2005, the Coalition adopted a resolution to support the documentary through fundraising assistance, and to use all available resources to ensure that the production will be released in time for the commemoration of the 1956 Revolution later this year.

Last year, the Coalition granted $25,000 to the project. Together with the current grant, the Coalition’s total contribution toward the production costs is $77,100. In addition to his amount, individual Coalition members have also made significant contributions to the project.

For more information and a demonstration reel on the film, please visit

If “Torn from the Flag” is to be ready for release this fall, the remaining $100,000 must be raised to complete production. The Coalition urges its members and supporters to support this worthwhile project generously at this crucially important time.

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