Hungarian American Coalition Donates $5,000 to the Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Sub-Carpathia

Washington, DC – The Hungarian American Coalition (Coalition) donated $5,000 to the Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Sub-Carpathia (KMKSZ) to assist with a new program delivering medications and medical care to local Hungarians who are severely ill or disabled.

KMKSZ, founded in 1989 in Uzhhorod, Ukraine is a national organization defending the cultural, political and social interests of Hungarians living in Sub-Carpathia. The traditional aim of KMKSZ is to preserve and cultivate the culture, national traditions and mother tongue of the Hungarian nationality living in the Sub-Carpathia region of Ukraine. As urgent needs have emerged during the ongoing war, KMKSZ created a Charity Fund.

KMKSZ recently established a program to provide assistance to local Hungarians who are severely ill and need to undergo major surgery; require post-surgical or continuous treatment; as well as to those who live with disabilities. Within the framework of this program, a medical board of Sub-Carpathian doctors was established to carry out a professional assessment of the needs of the applicants.

Since February 26, 2022, the Coalition has disbursed $115,750 in humanitarian assistance to refugees from war-torn Ukraine. More information on the supported organizations and initiatives are available here.

The Coalition continues to raise funds to aid refugees, and encourages its members and supporters to consider helping this worthy cause. You can also send a contribution via PayPal, indicating ‘Aid to Ukrainian refugees’ (click here); or you are welcome to send your tax-deductible donations via check to our mailing address:

Hungarian American Coalition
P.O. Box 57135
Washington, DC 20037

The Hungarian American Coalition will pass on 100% of all donations to our partner organizations and provide a 501(c)(3) receipt for your records.

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