Hungarian American Coalition Approves $45,000 Grant for Korunk Literary Magazine

Washington, DC – The Hungarian American Coalition (Coalition) approved a grant of $45,000 for Korunk, a well-known Hungarian literary magazine in Cluj Napoca (Kolozsvár), Romania. The grant is made possible by a donation to the Coalition from the Cultural Foundation for Transylvania (CFT).

Korunk is a Hungarian-language monthly magazine published in Cluj-Napoca since 1926. Historically, the magazine has focused on critical cultural, literary and scientific issues as they affect Hungarian society in general, and Transylvania in particular.

The grant will contribute to modernizing the magazine’s website and online appearance; to salaries of the staff and contributors, as well as copyright fees; and to the reconstruction of the headquarters and other infrastructure investments.

In the summer of 2017, the Coalition signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Cultural Foundation for Transylvania (CFT), whereby the Coalition agreed to implement cultural projects in Transylvania in accordance with decisions made by the Board of Directors of both organizations.

The Coalition has begun disbursing grants for cultural and educational purposes. In December 2017, the first approved project was to accept the extensive specialized library of Mr. Daniel Lövy, a DC-based Holocaust researcher originally from Cluj, and to cover the costs of transporting it to the Jewish Community in Cluj, a non-profit organization.

In 2018, the Coalition’s leadership will continue to work with CFT to select further grantees and disburse all remaining funds.

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