Hungarian American Coalition Adopts a Declaration Urging the Hungarian Parliament to Forego Partisanship and Facilitate Hungary’s Integrationi NATO

(Washington, D.C.) On December 18, 1998, the Hungarian American Coalition (“Coalition”) issued a Declaration unanimously adopted by its Executive Committee relating to the unexpected opposition by the political parties that made up the previous government over the proposed constitutional amendments that would allow Hungary to integrate fully into NATO. As an organization that had vigorously advocated the enlargement of the Alliance to include Hungary on several grounds, including that it would honor its obligations, the Coalition expressed its concern that “the proposed amendments . . . apparently have fallen victim to Hungarian domestic political squabbles that have no relevance to NATO membership.” The Coalition also cautioned that “this unfortunate development will undermine Hungary’s credibility, tarnish its image and adversely impact the future expansion of NATO.” Consequently, the Coalition urged that “statesmanship prevail, Hungary’s long-term security interests be placed above partisanship, and all necessary steps be taken to implement the substance of the proposed constitutional amendments to ensure that Hungary becomes a reliable NATO partner.”

A copy of the Coalition’s Declaration is enclosed with this press release. Additional copies can be obtained from the office of the Coalition.

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