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George E. Pataki Announces Presidential Bid

Washington, DC – Former governor of New York George E. Pataki launched his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on May 28 by giving a campaign address in Exeter, NH. He also released a video, announcing his intention to run. Governor Pataki, who led the state of New York through the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is also a proud Hungarian American.

“My four grandparents were all immigrants who went through Ellis Island,” said Pataki in his campaign address. “Peekskill’s wealth was not in its money but in its people; black and white, Christian and Jew, both rural and urban at the same time. We weren’t wealthy, we weren’t well-connected, we weren’t well-known. And yet every one of us growing up in that small town believed in the American dream, believed in hard work, and believed in ourselves. We believed, – no we really knew – that if we dreamed something, we could do it. If we worked hard, studied hard, had faith, family and friends encouraging us, nothing was beyond our reach. We believed in the American Dream, and it was real.”

Coalition President Max Teleki attended the events in Exeter. Congratulating Governor Pataki on his announcement, Mr. Teleki said: “As a close friend and a fellow Hungarian American, we can be proud of George Elemer Pataki. I am very honored to be by his side here in New Hampshire on this historic occasion. I know all Hungarian Americans can take pride regardless of party affiliation.”

Governor George E. Pataki surrounded by his family in Exeter, Source: Reuters

The former governor has four grown children and lives in Garrison, N.Y. His two sons served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his family is expected to be active in his campaign.

George E. Pataki’s official campaign video can be found at the following link:

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