Dr. Elemér and Éva Kiss Scholarship Fund

The Hungarian American Coalition established a Scholarship Fund in 1997 for the purpose of providing partial annual scholarships to Hungarian students to pursue studies at U.S. colleges and universities.

The Scholarship Fund was renamed Dr. Elemér and Éva Kiss Scholarship Fund as a special memorial by the family and friends of Dr. Elemér and Éva Kiss, of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Dr. and Mrs. Kiss, members of the Coalition since its founding in 1991, left Hungary after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, and settled with their family in Maryland. They demonstrated a life-long commitment to education both in Hungary and in the United States.


Applicant requirements:

  • must be a citizen of Hungary, or member of an ethnic Hungarian community in Slovakia, Romania, Voivodina, Serbia or Ukraine;

  • must have gained admission as a full-time student to a US college or university;

  • should provide proof of scholarship and other sources of financial support (please dowload a Statement of Financial Record here and use it to detail your income and expenses);

  • should provide record of outstanding academic standing;

  • needs to submit two letters of recommendation regarding the applicant's personal and academic achievements.


If you have not been admitted as a full-time student in the United States, your application will not be considered.  Applications, which do not meet the Scholarship Fund's requirements, will not be acknowledged.

The average Coalition Scholarship grant is $500-1,000 per year.

Students awarded scholarships are eligible to apply for the following year, but their application will be considered along with all other new applicants for financial assistance.

Scholarship recipients are expected to keep the Coalition informed of their academic progress. 

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, but deadline for application for the 2019/20 academic year is September 1, 2019.


Submission of Applications

The Coalition has created an online database which enables applicants to submit their applications online.

Applicants have to create a user profile and upload the requested documents which are the cover letter, curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, proof of admission, financial statement and academic records.

Applications should be submitted by registering at:



If you need clarification on the registration system, contact us at:



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